Pink Linen Simplicity 1621 with Crochet Embelishments

Good morning

I seem to be letting life take over sewing and blogging at the Minuit! I have at least 2 projects that need done yesterday and at least 3 blog posts photographed!

So here goes one off the list!

The Pink Linen Simplicity 1621 with crochet flower embellishment.

This was made for Mrs.M, She has a wedding in a few days now. Her wee boy is page boy and she was looking for something different.


We decided to go for this, it’s easy to wear. Simple but with WoW with the right fabric…..


 After much humming and hawing, we decided on this pink linen. It’s drape is divine and heavy enough to give a real sense of luxury (it was priced at £12.99  per meter). We bought and extra couple of bits for embellishments too..

But before any cutting of the real thing, I measured Mrs.M and altered the pattern. I always pick up second hand/thrift store vintage bed sheets for my muslin’s/toile’s. Mrs.M Wanted sleeves added too, so I used the jacket sleeves and made then 3/4 in length…



With the fitting done I has a few issues, the center back seam wasn’t sitting right the armscyle needed a little taking in too.  (Sorry about the photo quality…. It’s my phone!)


So on I went the “real thing”

 Simplicity 1621

For this fabric I use a squillion pins, because your garment is only as good as your cut!

Time for a few action shots……..

Simplicity 1621

Simplicity 1621

I do love this fabric it’s really loose but heavy with a fantastic drape, BUT it is a bit of a nightmare to work with. The darts were hard work…. I ended up hand stitching these!

Simplicity1621 006

This is my first time using bias tape as a type of finish/facing…. I have to say I am converted, Pressing is the key to a fabulous finish!

Simplicity 1621 022

I have recently bought a Tailors ham, if you don’t own one and are serious about sewing…. Buy one! This shoulder for me is one of my best to date

Simplicity 1621

Simplicity 1621

Simplicity 1621

A joining seam….. You know how I love a matching seam. RIGHT!!

Simplicity 1621

Simplicity 1621


And on to the embellishment

Simplicity 1621 crochet flower

Crochet flower Simplicity 1621

Crochet flower Simplicity 1621

The crochet flower is made with a 12mm hook and chunky wool, the backing is made with 3 layers of felt blanket stitched together..


On to the REAL TAH-DAH

Modeled by thee Mrs.M

Simplicity 1621

This pattern was made for her, she loved it….


I also made a a couple of embellishments for Mrs.M daughters

Simplicity 1621

Simplicity 1621

Now all the ladies have a matching bit of flowery flow through their outfits!


So what can I say about Simplicity 1621, well it’s not a pattern I would have gone to for myself.  BUT now that I have made it for Mrs.M….. I might just make myself the original version on the envelope!



Hello there WordPress, Formally My Handmadehappiness


** Waves Fanatically**

So this is the first post on WordPress, how exciting.. Some of you will recognize the older posts, as this was My Handmadehappiness in a former life! It took a lot of head scratching but I have decided that I will only be posting about sewing from now on, there were a few bumps in the road concerning my boys.


Solely Sewing

Those who know me, know there will be a bit of crochet thrown in here and there! I figured I will have more time to sew and want to concentrate my posts on that. I’m hoping you will come along for the journey…. If you don’t know me, then pop on over to the ABOUT page and have a wee read! If you fancy saying hi then there’s a CONTACT page too.

To say I’m a little giddy about my new blog adventure is a understatement! I have a few posts that I’m rearing to write up BUT the Batteries have ran out on my camera but, I will be getting new ones today, and shall be on my merry way…

And because I don’t do posts with no photo’s! I have this to share, I was asked to make 5 custom cushions. Maths not being my strong point, I had the seam ripper out a couple of times on the 2-tone cushions..



There’s some of this lovely fabric left so I’m gonna make a couple for my friend, she’s doing up her living room!


The fabric is from IKEA and the customer said it was a total steal!



So peep’s
I have to share with you some of my bursting self indulgent pride…..I, little old me have been featured in not 1 but 2 blogs :)))))
I am so happy that people find me a good enough crafter to talk about on there blog!!!! Also I have now been featured on a ravelry page…..

Firstly too boo’s featured Finn’s blanket
Which is coming along nicely
She has a lovely blog and is all about fabrics with a few tutorial’s thrown into the mix…

Secondly is finki featured my June challenge,
This lovely lady set’s up a lovely wee challenge every month
Which you can choose to join or not no pressure…..

This lovely piece of crochet was just featured on ravelry
the pic they have up is a little blurry but in my project’s i have better pic’s….

Also this here is my very first attempt at lace crochet…
the pattern is from the lovely Francesca over at FuoriBorgo
this lady is a very talented photographer with a love of travel and a love of crochet….
With this link i will say no more NOW but watch this space!!!!


My creative space 01.07.2010

Hello there lovely visitor’s :)))))
A little late today the pinning of a quilt take’s longer than expected!!!!
But I’m getting there now for the scary quilting bit!!!!!
This I shall practice tomorrow and will hopefully have something resembling a fab quilt by next week

My first pair of trousers well pj’s really…. From a up-cycled  bed sheet!!!!
There is another pair on the cutting table now :)))

And my labor of love Finn’s crochet blanket is coming along nicely half way there now!!!
I will be starting frazer’s as soon as I’m finished….

Check out more crafty peep’e at kirsty’s!!


My creative space 23.06.10

It has been 3 weeks since my last creative space
chez Traci has been a hard work of late
I am pleased to say that I am feeling like I have a grip on things again
and have found my blogging fingers and the crafty one within is looking to burst out and do stuff!!!!!!
This is my pt 1 of my sew along over at kelly’s
I have fallen behind but am now rearing to go!!!!
This is my vintage lace crochet from the lovely fuoriborgo
she has been kind enough to share this rescued pattern
her blog is well worth a look!!
I am hoping when I get the whole of upstairs tidied up I find this again….. As I appear to have misplaced it 😦 wish me luck!!!!!
This is my vintage stripped blanket from bella dia for Finn’s cot bed
And a close up!!!!!
And I saved the best till last….. This is my very own granny snugly shrug from our host kirsty…..
I have to say I feel this maybe the first of many

So fancy seeing more crafty goodness
head on over to kirsty’s


My creative space 02.06.10

Hellooooo there so it’s very very busy here at
handmadehappiness aka Traci’sSo as for moi saying “no new projects for me”
You can blame our lovely host kirsty as I have started her fab fab granny shrug
And here it is in all it’s snugly loveliness!!! I am using “Wendy viva” and a 12mm hook I’m in love I may have to make more than one snugly


And my quilt well here’s the top with border
I even got the back done tonight I have been blessed by the crafty god’s
I will make it for the show and tell over at obsessively stitching
This is my Bella blanket for Finn

And this this is a fab sew-along beginning for this bag set over at kelly’s
she’s so worth a look

So peep’s what have you been up to this week????

Check out more crafty folks over at kirsty’s and have a go of her lovely granny shrug


My creative space 26/05/10

so another Thursday is upon us :)))
time to say hi to Kristy hello there!!!

i can now put up pic’s of my apron i made for the apron swap over at Sarah’s

I’m glad to say my swap partner was happy with the turn out

I’m so proud of this even if the bias was a bloody nightmare!!!!

i have got my quilt top done just the border then I’m on to the back!!!!
i managed to do this only because of care thanx care :))

and last but not least in my creative space nearly every night is my crochet blanket loving this very therapeutic….. pattern is from bella

i have other bit’s and bob’s going on but these are the main ones…. i seem to put up to much every week so nothing new just a catch up for the next couple of weeks!!!!

check out more creative spaces over at kirstys


My utmost challenge 22/05/10

so i have been in training for this utmost challenge for about a month now and i have decided to take the leap…..

this is tiff’s guide lines this also pic link’s you to her page too so you can go check here out… tiff is holding a fab weekend get together for crafters alike i so with i live a bit closer but i think the uk is just a bit to far away!!!!

so here i am my friend’s think i am crazy but my blog friend’s i hope will be more positive!!!!

i have got a few guide lines for myself whilst on this year long journey…..

  • i will only buy clothes from thrift shop’s
  • i will buy “tool’s” eg fabric, notion’s, wool, patterns &book’s to aid me used if i can
  • shoe’s i feel will be a bit of both!!
  • i will try to do some kid’s clothes too
  • i shall try to always buy thrifty good’s for the house

i shall stand by these rules for the next 12 months
and when i say try i will i mean with all my might BUT if my hoover breaks no harm to you buy i’ll be buying a new one kid’s are messy creatures!!!!!

i hope that my utmost challenge will aid me is self teaching seamstresness!!!! wish me luck!!!


My creative space 06.05.10

hey there pep’s!!!
so i have a few things going on this week!!!!!
yes the same as last week OK!!!! but i did get my sewing-room done….
and my dress yes my tunic to dress worked out well ( i shall post it later today) the zip isn’t perfect but it’s all about practice and practice i shall…. i have joined the 12 month challenge this month and it’s all about zips!!! the little pouch well i never got that started but will attempt it this week!

also i have joined the 1st quilt ever now this is to be a labor of love so is a long term project…..

this fabric will be a knitting needle & crochet hook roll for me and granny mattie

i also plan to use old tee’s as pj bottoms for Frazer!!!

check out more creative people over here!!!


Pattern drafting first!

So in my creative space this week is a few thing’s…. I have Kristy’s creative space to thank for that because now I make time to sew !!! thanx 🙂
I managed to get this AND this done last week….. I even managed this too!!!!
So I feel this week I shall challenge myself!!!!!
this lovely fabric I got today as I have taken up Rea’s top challenge I better get a move on it closes on the 30th!!!!! But I know exactly what I’m going to do so…. Now I have to make the time…
This lovely little thing landed this morning from a lovely lady called Mary on eBay, I plan to cast off her start and give it a go I would love to be able to do my own trim on my tops 🙂
As part of granny a day….. Or two I will be using attic24’s lovely and very easy to follow tutorial’s to learn more I hope to use this in future design’s also 🙂
And this I was given this evening by my mother in-law the lovely jean it’s not her’s!!!!! It’s her granddaughters, I hope I can get it sorted as it’s a fav I believe….well wish me luck
And be sure to check out other creative spaces over at Kristy’s