Sewing class with a vintage bonus… + winning the overlocker over!

Morning peeps

Well it’s another quickie but….. it is a very productive one! (I have my Accountancy course today)

I had said that my swing class was a little “relaxed” for my liking but I have to say I am sewing soooo much more at home… Which is defo a knock on effect, in a very positive manner!!!
I have managed to sort out the tension problem ūüėÄ on the overlocker..
I’m well on my way with the lined pockets for my Amy Butler jacket…. I’m also making a new set of pj’s and attempting the placket… I normally omit this but I want to challenge myself!! I plan on blanket stitching on a bit of applique lettering too.


Now on to my fab fab new patterns…. These were given to me by my sewing teacher, She felt I would get a better use out of them!!! I just have to find a good soures for getting them sized right….

Do you have any good sources for re~sizing patterns?!?!!? I’m thinking Gertie might have all the answers!!

Till tomorrow peeps…
(more creative peeps here)

Today the to do list is massive sorry for the rush post!!




From Burda with love….!

Good morning peep…
Last night was all about the homework, for Accountancy & Book-keeping…. Turns out I LOVE numbers!! Really enjoying the challenge. I am bursting to get in to sewing class as last week was all about fixing their overlocker!!
I’m back to sewing a hooded jacket this week… I shall have lovely gathered pockets to show you tomorrow!
Anyways on to Burda Autumn issue 2012
LOVE LOVE LOVE But first, Here’s where i’m at with the kimono…

We are very nearly there now!!



Burda love…

This is stunning… The need for a underskirt is a definite

See what I mean about a underskirt!!

I’m loving this jacket… There is a shorter version that I have earmarked some wool for!!

This jacket is also a winner….

I’m asking Santa for a light box so that I can make all these lovelies a little easier!! Has to beat sellotaping patterns and paper to copy patterns!!

Well that’s all from me today…. I’m running late for class!!!


Me + My Overlocker = Happiness

Hello again…
Did you see my post about a orderly sewing room?? Well here I’m reaping the rewards… I’m in love with my overlocker again!! And she’s been put back in to action, proudly placed beside my much loved JEM, she looking fab with new spools, plugged in and ready to go!!
Oh how I have missed thee!!!
 Time to dust the girl off and get here to work!! I have had to find the manual online..
There are teething problems…. I am more than welcoming!!! Tension being one of them but I am ready to take her on and win her over…
Till the next post..
Happy Saturday!!!

Alterations & organisation

Good evening peeps..
I seem to have become a bit of a late nnight blogger… I say late night it’s only 8.30pm, but I have been up since 7am!
Today was my sewing class, and I so wish I had more to show for it… That being say it is my good deed for the day. I have hemmed now 3 table cloths for Frazers nursery.. They have a colour table, this month is orange, They all have to take something in that is orange they are happy to “sleep” at the nursery for the month!
Here they are, well 2 of them.. The other is on my sewing table awaiting the last hem.. It seems a easy quick task but! Do not be under any false ellusions… This fabric… Nylon??? is a slippery nightmare it’s been floded over twice just to make it that bit neater. I am happy to have helped but am glad I’m finished with it, and can go back to my lovely cotton!!!!
After sewing class I had arranged to meet with a friend who needed to have her daughters formal dress altered… She had ordered it online at a cost of ¬£100 but when she go it the train was far to long, I would say by maybe just over a meter. I have pinned it…
What do you think??? She will be wearing diamante heels, These shoes were just for height. She didn’t want to spend to much on the alteration. It is a waterfall hem line, I have to say I’m not really a fan!! Emma who is wearing the dress loves the alteration. I shall show you a before and after shot as this is just pinned at the moment!!
So on to my organising, I have no photos but I do have a link… I have bought 2 of these for ¬£15 and am hoping to sort out the fabric stash in my sewing room. I also picked¬†up these¬†for linings and interfacing etc… I hope to have a very neat nook very soon, I think a week of careful planning and execution should do it… I don’t think there will be¬†a before shot but I look forward to showing you the after!!

Spagetti Christmas?!?!? And in just 7 sleeps I will be…

Good morning….
How is everyone??
I’m enjoying my morning coffee , in the newly found coffee shop. (Caffe Fresco, Guild Square) It has become my regular coffee spot.. It used to be Starbucks over in foyleside, But I do love to see the world walk by and the occasional bit of sunshine… very occasional!! All that being said I will be back to said Starbucks in 36 days…. The gingerbread latte is back ūüôā
Bringing my right to my Spaghetti Christmas Nicely don’t you think… Seamless!!!
I meant the PUN too!!!!
I have searched out all my Christmas fabric and notion’s… I think!! And will be posting a new album on My Handmadehappiness Facebook page..I can’t wait to get making, I have started a Christmas inspiration page board on my Pintrest page. I am so ready to get all Christmassy it’s unreal.. When I moved form my last house I forgot to get all the stuff out of the attic, This means Christmas from scratch. A handmade Christmas for us it is!!
Now for the ONLY 7 sleeps HUH…
I have signed up for a part time course, It’s called Garment Making It’s 1 day a week and I reckon you can always learn something new. It also gives me a bit of paperwork saying yes you can in fact sew!!! When¬†I signed up for this, I also signed up for a part time Accountancy & Book-keeping (manual) course.. This starts in a couple of weeks..
I am sooo looking forward to getting started!! I have also started tutoring a friends daughter.. We are on our 3rd week and she’s loving it, So far we have made a pin cushion & a needle book this week we are making some Christmas bunting (Free with this months SEW magazine) And were making a start on our angel… I shall get photos up tonight.
Well tat’s it for me just now off to pick up the wee-est man in my life from nursery!!
Have a fantastic day
( I shall come back and put in the links after I have picked him up, I’m running late)

A very welcomed return… Sewing Class

Today is a very happy day for me dear reader’s, I am this morning heading out in all the rain and wind. Why would anyone be happy with such action’s?!?!?!?
Well this is why this lovely lady here with me, is my Sewing teacher. She is beyond talented, altering a wedding dress is just a every day job! She was a teacher at the local collage, but for a number of years has worked in pilot’s row, a youth & community centre.I have enjoyed going to this night class but you know, between pregnancy and breastfeeding….. I’ve not been able to go since my last Pregnancy. I am 8 months gone in the pic above! Not only is my wee night class a wealth of good knowledge, but it’s a getaway for 3 hours 1 night a week… I also have adopted this lady, Chris is now my Derry mother (I am from Edinburgh) So I am making the rather blustery journey into town to sign up for the class. And cannot wait to get started!