My studio is coming together!

Hello peeps,
So how is everyone? I’m glad it’s Friday to be honest! I know I have so much sewing to be getting on with at home but I look forward to doing them in my pjs!

So what have I been up to all week?!? Well my studio in my work is just divine! I can not wait to be sewing my life away 😊


It’s all been rearranged for the last time… I think! Between trying to find the best place for all the machines to go and locating the sockets! Wow It has been a little hectic to say the least!

I am finding my way around the machines rightly and have them all threaded and re threaded a few times now. I reckon I’m comfortable with most of them!





I had a blast with the heavyweight machine today, shortening 4 pairs of jeans… Finding the tension on that bad boy with the top stitch thread on both bobbing and thread was HECTIC!


I managed to find the tension thought… **enter pat on the back here!** just a mite proud of myself! There was a hairy moment when I thought I was going to run out of thread…


But I the sewing gods were one side today! Thank goodness as the sewing shop was out of 958 thread!

So what has everyone else been up to? Any fun projects on the cards?



Fancy a wee catch up?!?!

Hello there peep’s


So, As you all know dear readers, I am indeed a sporadic blogger! As much as I wish I wasn’t that is just me.. I plan on keeping on top of Solely Sewing, this is post is more for me than it is you if I’m honest! I am giving myself a public kick up the ass!! 


So a little catch up for you all huh….

I am still sewing away and have been recently finished a Mother of the Bride Jacket with matching embellishments and a wee clutch, true to form, I forgot to take a photo of the finished garment! WALLY

I am also still working away on alterations, my current jobs are a white trousers and top (two piece set) that needs taken in by one size (10 to 8) And a lace communion dress that needs taken in 2 inches and the sleeves to be lined as the lace is itchy on the arms, I’m planning on using light weight muslin. As ever there are trousers to be shortened…. Is anyone else drowning in these!! it’s crazy, that being said when you find a pair of jeans that fit just right, there’s no problem in getting them the right length!

I’m in the last few weeks of my pattern cutting course, which is going real well. I have my skirt pattern drafted and am now moving on to my top, it is a mini collection (Trio) and I am hoping to get these in to PDF form in 2015, when I have got used to my routine and my time management problems have been resolved!

My other news is that I now have a job, I’ve been easing into it. I have my first week over me and I have to say….. I am loving it, it’s a new project called “The Fashion and Textiles Hub” I am super excited to be involved in such a innovative business. This opens in the summer and we are now getting everything prepared for the big opening, I shall be sewing…. Amongst other things, the sky is the limit! 

I also have family/home life to keep up with… HOW DO PEOPLE DO IT!!!!!Image


I will keep you up to date on my new work adventure, as well as everything else….. This again is my public ass whooping, and purely for my benefit!

So do you have a lot on?!?!  

How do you share your time out?!?!

Time Management tips in the comments please!!




Make do and mend

Hello there peeps!

How is everyone?

I’ve been sewing away mostly mends at the minute… Although I have plenty other things on the go, I have so many posts to write but my course is coming to an end and there are not enough hours in the day to blog too!

So my mends… These are a few for my boys old nursery school.


A dress in need of a little TLC!



I finished it of with new stitch I found on my machine Santa sent me! I love the finish, it’s very neat. I knew that I couldn’t use my overlocker, as there was so little to work with. But the end result is a good one!!


And a couple of teddies in need if a little hand stitching too!





Both these required hand stitching… Ladder stitch is my go to for a easy clean finish.

I love that I can give a little back. My boys nursery school was the greatest start to schooling!

I have a few more posts in the pipe line, but for now I’m off to start a few more alterations!


Bridesmaid Dress Alteration

Hey there,

So I’ve been MIA for a while BUT I’ve been super busy with class, alterations & dressmaking!

I have recently finished a bridesmaid dress….


The hem was taken up by 1.5 inches… There were 3 skirts, outer, cotton and a lining too.


The outer fabric was a little tricky, it frayed heaps on the bias but I got there with a little fight!!





So after the hem, I altered the corseted back. Both sides needed hand stitched the snaps needed moved by 1.2 inches and the other side was moved by the same amount.


Mrs D was happy with the results!



Have you been sewing/altering lately?
Please do share!


Hello, I’m still here!

Hello there, so as the title if this post says I’m still here and still sewing away. I am currently waiting on a computer ( this post is being typed up on my phone…. Let’s see how it goes) I’m hoping to have a computer real soon, I’m missing blogging a lot. And have heaps to share!

I have a new sewing machine to show you (thank you Santa) It’s a brother FS-40, it’s my first computerised machine and we’re still getting to know one another! There are lots of argh moments, that being there are heaps of ahh moments too.

So what have I been up to…. I’ve been doing a lot if alterations as ever. I love alterations I get to work with different fabrics and a bit if problem solving too. This dress needed its sleeves removed, it’s vintage and I decided to go with contrast bias binding for a finish.


When I was ripping out the seams of the sleeve I was a bit heavy handed…. I ripped the dress by about an inch. I decided to use my French curve and cut the rip out!


I decided to go with the contrast binding as it emulated the trim on the neck line!


I used blue thread from the stash…. It’s like a spaghetti junction in my box, how do you store yours?


After some pressing I think it’s turned out well…. I would even go as far as to say I would wear this vintage lovely!


TAH-DAH here she is, I wish I had taken a full view. It’s a lovely dress!


I’m hoping to have a computer up soon, I don’t get too many edit options. My general layout for posts would not be the way this has been published, but I so miss blogging that I had to give the phone a try!

Please do bare with me!

I hope you’ll all be glad to see I’m back! Say hello in the comments if you fancy, it would give me a wee boost!


Thee Sigourney Weaver “Zuul Dress” From Ghostbusters

Hey there,

How is everyone??

I’ve been busy working on a Halloween outfit for a friend, Mrs E is heading to a Halloween Ball. And was on the search for A specific dress….. Mr E is going as Mr Soft, Drum roll please

dum dum bang bang dum dum!!

(My drum roll!!)

Mrs E will go to the ball as Danna Barrett (Sigourney Weaver) whilst possessed by “Zuul the Gatekeeper of Gozer” in Ghostbusters.


I’ve had fun with this dress, it took a lot of rummaging trying to find the right pattern to alter.


I eventually went with this  vintage McCall’s 7356….This was a great dress pattern to based the dress on….


I altered the sleeves by making them longer, and making them more bat-wing/magyar in style.




The neckline was also made wider to make it more “off the shoulder”. I added extra organza to the neckline to act as a facing/bias tape which I hand stitched in place. 



I also made the bottom half of the dress a circle skirt to gain the drape, as the closest I could get in colour was organza, The lining is china silk lining….. I left a side slit in the skirt section, and used a rolled hem stitch to finish off the edge.

Zull Dress 002


A look inside!!


I have to say I CAN’T wait to see it on Mrs E…. It will be winging it’s way over tomorrow.

Are you making anything for Halloween??

I plan on lots of pumpkin carving and a watching the fireworks on the night…. Derry goes MAD at this time of year!! The boys keep changing their mind on what they want to be, vampire has been a firm fave for the last 3 days though!!


A little of this and a little of that…..



This weekend has been finishing quick jobs and WIP….. I’m in the process of packing so can’t really start my Simplicity 1621 till I get to the new house (by the end of the week). Can’t wait to have a proper sewing room again! I’m all about the new space right now, that and de-stashing, fabric and patterns. 


I eventually got my facing stitched on my shorts, it’s the first time I’ve stitched in the ditch this way.. I defo need more practice! But it does look good from the front.



I was also asked to alter a duvet cover from a King size to a single…




The customer done there own cutting and marking!!




After some measuring I have got it all sewn up!




So glad me and my overlocker are still on good terms!!! Look at that lovely neat edge!




I’ve also been playing with my Bias binder maker... I’m loving it! I did learn a very quick lesson, NO STEAM, I burnt my fingers in the first 5 mins! I think it is a fab tool, an one I will be keeping in the ever growing sewing box!

Anyways I have a busy few days ahead, I shall keep you posted via Facebook and Twitter