Abakhan Fabrics, Sewing Seams for 15

Hello there peeps….
So this post has been in the pipe line for to long, why you ask? Life and Laundry is why!
I was approached by the lovely Abakhan Fabrics, and asked if I would like to write for their news section on their site… I have to say I was so excited to be contacted… I mean me!!!! Anyways on to the nitty gritty.
I will be writing a post once a month called…. Drum roll please!
“Sewing Seams For 15”
The idea is for just £15, yes fifteen pounds, you can make a garment/outfit for you or yours, whatever takes your fancy! I will be making a garment/outfit every month, hoping to give you inspiration by the bucket load… I mean if I can do it, YOU most certainly can too!
So for my first SSFF (Sewing Seams For 15) I wanted to get straight in to making something for my boys. I always find that sewing for men and boys can have it’s challenges… I mean finding a pattern worth it’s salt is hard enough!
So when I came across this wee bute, I thought right this is the one. It’s not a everyday jacket I know, but I thought it was very “cool” not to sure if I’m showing how not up with the kids I am saying that, I think it’s all “sweet” & “ream” now!!!
 I am very happy with the collar, I reckon it turned out well… There was alot of basting which I found time consuming but alas look it’s crisp indeed!!
 The buttons came from my stash, I was not to sure to begin with because I had a wooden set in the frame but … I think that these turned out perfect!!
 I love the linen… Looks so fresh!
Check out them seams!!!
They match!!!
(even if they do need a little press, the trials of working with linen!!)
So on to my wee model shoot!
This months model is my Finn…
Our rainy photo shoot!!!
What a smile!!
The trousers were just the right length…
They are oh so very comfortable I’m told!
I have to say I had so much fun with this challenge, I done alot of research for it and I have a few helpful links to share with you, I am so a visual learner so these would have helped me when I first started sewing, and a great refresher for me now!
*Working with linen ~ Fantastic with more links
*Sewing curved pockets ~ Simple but great tip
*Sewing a vent ~ It’s for a skirt but a great visual
 So on to the numbers huh!!!
~ Pattern 
Age 1y-4y
1 Meter
(with some left to stash!)
1 Meter
(with 3/4 left over for stashing)
 3 x 1 meter
(You will only use 1.5 meters so 1.5 for the stash!)
~ Buttons
x4 metal anchors @ £0.36 = £1.44

TOTAL £15 exactly!

So there’s my first instalment of
“Sewing Seams For 15”
I hope you guys have enjoyed reading as much as I have enjoyed sewing/writing it….. Any questions comments or suggestions, I would love to hear them in the comments below, I read and answer all. Just check back later on. I hope to see you all back next month.

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