3 crowns indeed!!!

Hello there peeps
How are you all??? It’s freezing here, like bitter cold!!! I’m glad for my fluffy socks that’s for sure. Back in Edinburgh (my hometown) It’s snowing. We’re just bloody freezing!! I always think of my trip to Toronto when I’m cold… It was really freezing there, But they did have a few different names for the type of snow that had fallen… When I was there the snow had a name…. What was it you ask?!?!!? I totally can’t remember what I can remember is it would NOT make a snowman… A sin… A sin I say!!!
Anyways   on to my crowns…. My wee Frazer is going to be a king (I’m sure I’ve told you already!) So I have volunteered to make the nursery new crowns!
I have scoured the web to find the vision in my head to no avail!!! I shall do a tutorial if you fancy?? It can be made with what’s in your stash…. (I know you are all fabric hoarders like me!!) + a few sew in gems!
I have managed to loose a white/clear gem already!! That’s always the way!!
I shall do a proper Ta-Dah later on when I have the elastic in and my wee model is ready!!