Fold-able Sewing Table Cover….. DONE!

Hello There

How is everyone?

If you follow this blog, you know know I have NO CONSISTENCY in my posts. Sorry about that, Life and Laundry have a tendency of taking over!

So what have I been up to sewing wise??

I have recently discovered, that yes I do have a fabulous sewing room upstairs, BUT I only like sewing up there during the day… I can sew by the loud background sound of my boys playing around the house. In the evenings however I seem to like sewing with the telly on, specifically Bones reruns!! I’ve seen 90% of them and can happily sew and have vague entertainment too that’s not to distracting.

So I decided sewing on my Ottoman was doing me no good. My back was aching, time to introduce my Fold-able Sewing Table


This simple table cost £7.99, it’s not the sturdiest of tables but I figured when my sewing machine was on it, the weight would sort it out a little…


I decided to cover my wee table, there were to reasons. 1. It looks bare, 2. I lost the rubber feet on the bottom of my machine so she slides about a little!

I used

Cotton fabric


Sew in heavy weight interfacing




 I started by drawing round the table on the interfacing….



 Then placing the wadding on top, pinning and cutting round the the line drawn on the interfacing. The line was easy to see through the wadding!


 I then cut out the interfacing about 1.5 inches longer….


 I then placed the interfacing on top of my cotton and cut it around 4.5 inches larger….




 I then hemmed the edges of the cotton sewing a 1/4 inch the folding up and sewing another 1/4 inch…. The corners were tricky but using a pin to fudge it in defo helps!


 I then attached the wadding to the interfacing, placed it wadding down to the wrong side of the cotton.  Then folded up the cotton edge to meet the interfaced edge….




 I folded the corners in….


 I sewed around the cotton/interfacing, catching all the corners. And my helper used a loop turner to thread the string through…


 Here’s what it looks like wrong side all sewn up…

Drum Roll……

Sewing table cover


Here it is on the fold-able table…

Ready for my night time sewing!

The things I like best about this table are; That the wadding stops the sewing machine from sliding around, it doubles up as a pincushion AND it folds, then slides under the sofa with ease!

Do you craft in different places at different times of day?!?!?! Is TV a no-no or defo when your sewing?!?!?!!?



Couture Hook and Eye


Yesterday I was scouring the internet world for a good tutorial on installing Hook and Eye’s to a garment, There are a fair amount out there. But as we all know, not all tutorials are that great!! So when I found this one on The Hairpin website I just had to share..

For this couture tutorial you need to know your blanket stitch, This is a video tutorial and here’s a picture tutorial…..

Here’s my materials…..


Have you ever used this technique??

I’ll let you know how I go


Tutorial ~ How to mend a rip OR tear!

Hello there peeps
I have been working a few tutorials.
First up
How to mend a tear
These are my boys fave pj’s so needed a little attention!
Here goes!!
What you’ll need
~ A item with a hole (of course!!)
~ Scissors OR Pinking shears
~ Scrap of fabric (to cover said hole)
~ Thread
~ Pins
OK have you got your supplies… Yes, well lets go!
Here we have said fave pj’s!!
Press closed…
Now, cut your scrap, say 5/8ths bigger. I used Pinking shears, but you can just use a zig-zag stitch to save your scrap from fraying. There is also a this magic stuff called Fray stop, I have never used it but I have heard rave reviews..
Now, with the right side facing you pin said rip or tear…
Turn your ripped or torn clothing to the wrong side, and pin like so. I have the pins like this over the seams,  if you like you can sew over them without any bother….
Now go to your machine, remover the front. Like so….
With the front removed you have more space. Now place your item under you needle of your machine tucking underneath….
You should look like this…. Start sewing towards the next corner at 1/4 inch, taking care of the pins you put in the right side!
When you get to the corner, raise your foot and turn. Do this till you get all sides done….
Now, you need to go over the first corner and do a back stitch to hold….
Take out your pins, you should look like this….
Turn right side, remover pins…
Place your item under the foot, over the tear or rip…. NOW, you want to do a straight stitch here for about sat 3-4 stitches. Then do your zig-zag. This will prevent the zig-zag stitch falling out…
I went over mines twice, as the bottom part of my tear was wide. This is for you to judge!!
This is my wrong side…. I could have done with a little more scrap at the bottom, it’s better to have to much. You can cut it off then!!
That being said I do now have a very happy wee boy….
So there we have it…
Fave pj’s sorted.
I hope you’ve enjoyed my first proper tutorial!!
Let me know in the comments!!
This is the zig-zag stitch with the straight stitch for a visual!!
Till the next post…

Accuquilt Rag quilt Agogo!!!! Tips/Tutorial

Good morning peeps…
Another Monday has come ALREADY. How did that happen!! I think kids make time disappear!! Talking of my boys…. We are officially in school/nursery FULL-TIME can I hear a WOOP WOOP!!!!! Very happy mummy right now. I now have time to make me a little rota of craft that will hopefully turn in to a wee business.
Well on to my rag quilt Tada!! As you know I have been playing with my Go cutter…. I am in love this is a fantastic gadget to have if you have a passion for quilting, your cutting time is minimal and you can get right down to the fun stuff QUILTING!!!!!
So as you can see I’ve been busy cutting & cutting away.. The mat has taken quite a battering. I’m so glad they are available in the UK. And for £9.20!!
There was alot of prep for the perfect rag square…
I have but 2 bits of tape on my sewing machine plate.. 1. ~ at the 1cm mark 2. ~ at the back so you can line up the corners. and there was no need for a 3rd as the mark is just at the edge of the foot plate at the front!! People may find this all a but too much but it does make for the “perfect” square.
Another couple of tips….
1. ~ When quilting the squares, I have been doing a backward stitch just to secure, I have from the corner done – 2 stitches forward 1 back then stitched to the opposite corner… And then done 2-3 backward stitch. The reason for the 1 back stitch at the start, is the stitch length is longer!! It messes up the perfect~ness!!
2. ~ If you are worried about sewing a “perfect” cross (for the quilting of rag square) then finger press at the beginning of each stitch!
So what do you think?!?!?
The owl fabric is from Abakhan Fabrics Manchester store. I love love it so very quirky and very me!! If you live near a Abakhan Fabric store you should defo head in for a visit.. It’s a one stop shop… Me and the boys are heading over to Manchester for a holiday this weekend. I will be in for a wander!! If your like me and don’t have a store near you why not check out their new Delivery section.
Well I’m off on my secret mission… All will be revealed on Wednesday.

How to make a fabric Yo-Yo with NO tool

Hey there peeps….
I just wanted to run through, how to make a Yo-Yo with no tool, as for my upcoming tutorial you shall have to make a few of them!!REQUIREMENTS
– Fabric
-A cup
-A fabric pen
-Needle & thread
-Button/bead/bow optional

Draw around your cup & cut leaving a approx 1/4 inch…
Now double up your thread knot the end,
With the wrong side facing you,
Fold your 1/4 inch down using your pen-mark as a guide,
Still with me?!?!?!?!
Now you want to from the wrong side, do a running stitch until……


You reach the first stitch again….

You want to go through this stitch again, and have both threads on the wrong side…
Double click for a closer look…
Pull both thread ends tight and trim, leaving a good length,
Now give your yo-yo a wee tug here and there,
Till your happy with the way it looks,
Re-thread your needle, and go through the centre….
And fasten off at the back…. Then Ta-Dah your done!!!
Why not add a button????
(this will be required if the upcoming tutorial!!)
The possibilities are endless!!!!If you have a clover Yo-Y0 tool, and are unsure how to use it here is a fab tute!!

Please do leave feed back was this a easy tute???
I aim to help not hinder!!!


My 1st free motion…

Hello there peeps…. so I have been busy sewing sewing sewing….
Firstly I have finished my “orna” bag for a friend johns wife, it’s a bit late but hey hey!! I do have to get a handle on my time management though!!! Well that or don’t leave it till the last minute!!
from this tutorial
As you can see I am a lot better in the last pic….. Well I see a difference anyways….


Things I have learned….

It’s not a thing I can rush, when I concentrate it looks way better!!
Use more pins to baste, as I have lots of wrinkles at the back,
Take breaks, staring for to long at the same thing is not for me!!!
Practice makes perfect….. I hope!!!!

have you seen my giveaway??

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portuguese woven yummyness

Hey there yes another update!!!!!Have you seen gertie’s coat sew along.…..

The pattern is ace and I have it in my sewing cabinet snuggled in beside……..

This f-a-b-u-l-u-s fabric, it’s Portuguese and woven and has just the right amount of shinny in the sliver!!!!! I really do love it I have been wondering what to do with the 2 yard’s in my stash for ages and this sew along came….. Thanx Gertie

Now let’s get on with the muslin!!!!!


quilt along update

So a update on the sew along……Here we have my quilt top and basted (but in need of a trim & a camera with a flash)!! For my granddad’s 70th birthday…..

This is the pattern from this book I omitted the top and bottom border as I want to get another 1 started the quilting get’s done next week so….. I might just get 1 off my xmas list!!!
wish me luck

And watch this space for quilting idea’s

why not join in????


A few scrap’s a quilt along

Well hello there lovely reader’s
This morning going through my reading list I notice
a few scrap’s is having a quilt sew along, but not any kind of quilt along….. it is going to be all about the free-motion quilting…… Not the pattern of the top, I think that this will be such a informative sew-along, I have still not finished this quilt due to be honest time but fear comes it to it a fair bit too….. Also how the hell do I lower the feed dog’s really have to get the manual out!!!!!
Here is the quilt in question…..

I also have 3-4 more quilts 1 want to make so must get to making!!!!

I hope that Christina will be covering
how to gain confidence in quilting….
as i want to do train quilting for my boy’s…..
cowboy-hat quilting for my grandad…..
and ball’s of wool & needles for my granny mattie…
i have been bitten by the bug!!!!

Christina is holding a giveaway with this quilt along it’s open till the 21st……
So go have a wee peek
I believe this is for new quilter’s as-well as old