Fold-able Sewing Table Cover….. DONE!

Hello There

How is everyone?

If you follow this blog, you know know I have NO CONSISTENCY in my posts. Sorry about that, Life and Laundry have a tendency of taking over!

So what have I been up to sewing wise??

I have recently discovered, that yes I do have a fabulous sewing room upstairs, BUT I only like sewing up there during the day… I can sew by the loud background sound of my boys playing around the house. In the evenings however I seem to like sewing with the telly on, specifically Bones reruns!! I’ve seen 90% of them and can happily sew and have vague entertainment too that’s not to distracting.

So I decided sewing on my Ottoman was doing me no good. My back was aching, time to introduce my Fold-able Sewing Table


This simple table cost £7.99, it’s not the sturdiest of tables but I figured when my sewing machine was on it, the weight would sort it out a little…


I decided to cover my wee table, there were to reasons. 1. It looks bare, 2. I lost the rubber feet on the bottom of my machine so she slides about a little!

I used

Cotton fabric


Sew in heavy weight interfacing




 I started by drawing round the table on the interfacing….



 Then placing the wadding on top, pinning and cutting round the the line drawn on the interfacing. The line was easy to see through the wadding!


 I then cut out the interfacing about 1.5 inches longer….


 I then placed the interfacing on top of my cotton and cut it around 4.5 inches larger….




 I then hemmed the edges of the cotton sewing a 1/4 inch the folding up and sewing another 1/4 inch…. The corners were tricky but using a pin to fudge it in defo helps!


 I then attached the wadding to the interfacing, placed it wadding down to the wrong side of the cotton.  Then folded up the cotton edge to meet the interfaced edge….




 I folded the corners in….


 I sewed around the cotton/interfacing, catching all the corners. And my helper used a loop turner to thread the string through…


 Here’s what it looks like wrong side all sewn up…

Drum Roll……

Sewing table cover


Here it is on the fold-able table…

Ready for my night time sewing!

The things I like best about this table are; That the wadding stops the sewing machine from sliding around, it doubles up as a pincushion AND it folds, then slides under the sofa with ease!

Do you craft in different places at different times of day?!?!?! Is TV a no-no or defo when your sewing?!?!?!!?



One Reply to “Fold-able Sewing Table Cover….. DONE!”

  1. I came over to see if your email was here and I’m very impressed by your table. It’s so very clever, and you make it look easy! I sew in one room that is waiting to be turned into a bedroom – you can imagine the state of it! I will sometimes hand sew in front TV though.


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