Christmas prep is well on it’s way…

Hello There 

How is everyone? If your a regular around here, you’ll know that my only consistency is being inconsistent! I have a heap of posts to do BUT I am snowed under with life and laundry as ever!!

So it has been quite round here but I have been sewing away…

It’s all Christmas fever around here, I’ve been making buntings, prep-ing stockings and designing stuffed robins too…


This my wee Robin, Designed by me 🙂 Just waiting to get stuffed with homemade Christmas spice…



And some yummy bunting….. Can’t wait to show you all the cute and funky combinations I have in the pipeline!!



And here’s my linen gingham mix for the Christmas stockings 🙂 I love these fabrics together, they just work so well together!


Anyways that’s it for today