Fold-able Sewing Table Cover….. DONE!

Hello There

How is everyone?

If you follow this blog, you know know I have NO CONSISTENCY in my posts. Sorry about that, Life and Laundry have a tendency of taking over!

So what have I been up to sewing wise??

I have recently discovered, that yes I do have a fabulous sewing room upstairs, BUT I only like sewing up there during the day… I can sew by the loud background sound of my boys playing around the house. In the evenings however I seem to like sewing with the telly on, specifically Bones reruns!! I’ve seen 90% of them and can happily sew and have vague entertainment too that’s not to distracting.

So I decided sewing on my Ottoman was doing me no good. My back was aching, time to introduce my Fold-able Sewing Table


This simple table cost £7.99, it’s not the sturdiest of tables but I figured when my sewing machine was on it, the weight would sort it out a little…


I decided to cover my wee table, there were to reasons. 1. It looks bare, 2. I lost the rubber feet on the bottom of my machine so she slides about a little!

I used

Cotton fabric


Sew in heavy weight interfacing




 I started by drawing round the table on the interfacing….



 Then placing the wadding on top, pinning and cutting round the the line drawn on the interfacing. The line was easy to see through the wadding!


 I then cut out the interfacing about 1.5 inches longer….


 I then placed the interfacing on top of my cotton and cut it around 4.5 inches larger….




 I then hemmed the edges of the cotton sewing a 1/4 inch the folding up and sewing another 1/4 inch…. The corners were tricky but using a pin to fudge it in defo helps!


 I then attached the wadding to the interfacing, placed it wadding down to the wrong side of the cotton.  Then folded up the cotton edge to meet the interfaced edge….




 I folded the corners in….


 I sewed around the cotton/interfacing, catching all the corners. And my helper used a loop turner to thread the string through…


 Here’s what it looks like wrong side all sewn up…

Drum Roll……

Sewing table cover


Here it is on the fold-able table…

Ready for my night time sewing!

The things I like best about this table are; That the wadding stops the sewing machine from sliding around, it doubles up as a pincushion AND it folds, then slides under the sofa with ease!

Do you craft in different places at different times of day?!?!?! Is TV a no-no or defo when your sewing?!?!?!!?


Pink Linen Simplicity 1621 with Crochet Embelishments

Good morning

I seem to be letting life take over sewing and blogging at the Minuit! I have at least 2 projects that need done yesterday and at least 3 blog posts photographed!

So here goes one off the list!

The Pink Linen Simplicity 1621 with crochet flower embellishment.

This was made for Mrs.M, She has a wedding in a few days now. Her wee boy is page boy and she was looking for something different.


We decided to go for this, it’s easy to wear. Simple but with WoW with the right fabric…..


 After much humming and hawing, we decided on this pink linen. It’s drape is divine and heavy enough to give a real sense of luxury (it was priced at £12.99  per meter). We bought and extra couple of bits for embellishments too..

But before any cutting of the real thing, I measured Mrs.M and altered the pattern. I always pick up second hand/thrift store vintage bed sheets for my muslin’s/toile’s. Mrs.M Wanted sleeves added too, so I used the jacket sleeves and made then 3/4 in length…



With the fitting done I has a few issues, the center back seam wasn’t sitting right the armscyle needed a little taking in too.  (Sorry about the photo quality…. It’s my phone!)


So on I went the “real thing”

 Simplicity 1621

For this fabric I use a squillion pins, because your garment is only as good as your cut!

Time for a few action shots……..

Simplicity 1621

Simplicity 1621

I do love this fabric it’s really loose but heavy with a fantastic drape, BUT it is a bit of a nightmare to work with. The darts were hard work…. I ended up hand stitching these!

Simplicity1621 006

This is my first time using bias tape as a type of finish/facing…. I have to say I am converted, Pressing is the key to a fabulous finish!

Simplicity 1621 022

I have recently bought a Tailors ham, if you don’t own one and are serious about sewing…. Buy one! This shoulder for me is one of my best to date

Simplicity 1621

Simplicity 1621

Simplicity 1621

A joining seam….. You know how I love a matching seam. RIGHT!!

Simplicity 1621

Simplicity 1621


And on to the embellishment

Simplicity 1621 crochet flower

Crochet flower Simplicity 1621

Crochet flower Simplicity 1621

The crochet flower is made with a 12mm hook and chunky wool, the backing is made with 3 layers of felt blanket stitched together..


On to the REAL TAH-DAH

Modeled by thee Mrs.M

Simplicity 1621

This pattern was made for her, she loved it….


I also made a a couple of embellishments for Mrs.M daughters

Simplicity 1621

Simplicity 1621

Now all the ladies have a matching bit of flowery flow through their outfits!


So what can I say about Simplicity 1621, well it’s not a pattern I would have gone to for myself.  BUT now that I have made it for Mrs.M….. I might just make myself the original version on the envelope!


Sewing World Magazine REVIEW July 2013

Hello there

If your looking for The Big Solely Sewing Pattern Swap head on over here!

I recently answered a call out for reviewers for



I personally have never bought this mag before, on first glance I think it seems a little generic, old fashioned even….. BUT don’t let the font of the title put you off!

This magazine comes with Full sized pull out patterns, For me this is massive…. I do have a printer/photocopier BUT it’s not playing ball with me ATM, so I have to head to the library and then tape, tape, tape!

There are three main sections they include, REGULARS, TECHNIQUES & FEATURES and lastly MAKES. I Enjoyed reading the breaking news, This is where I found out about A fab place to go show of your finished projects!

There is a Masterclass segment too, this is a step by step guide and the pattern for this month is a princess seam dress… This is found in the pull out and all at 100% too!! I would say the pattern is for a size 12-18 and as much as it a masterclass on altering patterns to improve fit, Being an 8 would be quite the alteration!


The makes this month are Pippi Doll, she’s a real cutie Designed by Helen Philipps, Very Voile top Designed by Kate Youdale, Her site is full of beautiful dresses too! Rainbow Edge Quilt Designed Jenna Excell. Uptown Tote Designed by Susan Dunlop, Which I adore…. I will be making this later!! Flowers Galore Designed by Joan Herrington who runs a patchwork and quilting shop in wellington, I love these they would look fab in a wee girls room too ! Housey Housey designed by Diana Sanderson who runs a sewing workshops. Roll and Ruffle Skirt Designed by Elaine Schmidt, Sand Sea and Sunglasses Designed Helen Dickson and The Flowers Are out Designed by Gilda Baron. I have saved the best till last though

Classy cover Designed by Annie Henderson. Contact number 01432 820125


I have started this project already…. I just have to choose some lovely fabric!


I’ll keep you posted!!


The Features section was really interesting, there’s a showcase of lovely summer sewing patterns, a 2 page spread with Charlotte Hintzen of BY HAND – LONDON I have to say I do love their Victoria Blazer. There is also a fab write up by our very own Fiona Pullen of The Sewing Directory, Men Who Sew I have to say I very much enjoyed it!

There is also a segment Readers Market, this is a page filled with lots of goodies for sale/wanted…. I think this is a really different, I’ve never seen it anywhere else!! Just to add you can list things there for free!!


So what can I say about this magazine….. Well I found myself at the newsagents just a couple of days ago, and yes I did buy Augusts issue!! There is a lovely Camera Bag & The Sweetest Jacket too. In this issue there is something for the little guys in your life, The Cutest hat with fab peak!!



Basically I think it’s a fab magazine, The only real downfall for me is the pattern sizes! I reckon in the future I would defo buy it for the sewing projects… I mean how many magazines give you full sized patterns!!


The Big Solely Sewing Pattern Swap & My 100th post!

Hello there

So this is my 100th post, I thought I’d make it a good one…..

I recently moved house, and gained a new sewing room.




I was able to see my full hoard stash in all it’s glory! I have decided that I have way to many sewing patterns, as well as everything else! So instead of selling them on I have decided to host a swap! Swaps are always fun right?!?!?


(A sneak peek at the patterns I decided to keep!!)


So how will this work I hear you say!!

I have made a new photo album on my Solely Sewing Facebook page, (I have put the album over on Facebook as there are so many!) This is where you can see the collection and info such as sizes.

It is not necessary, but you can follow Solely Sewing here on wordpress, Facebook & Twitter to keep up to date.

What can you swap if you find a pattern you like?!?

~ A Ladies Sewing Pattern that is a UK Size 8

~ A Men’s/Boy’s Sewing Pattern

~ Haberdashery

~ Fabric

I have a vague wish list on my Pinterest, this board was not made for the swap, but it’s a good indicator of what I’m on the look out for!

This swap is open world wide

Everyone who takes part will pay there own Postage & Packaging, this will be the only charge!

When a swap has been agreed upon, I shall edit the photo = SWAPPED

I don’t really have a end date on the swap in mind, I reckon it’ll be live till all the patterns are gone!


You can message me in the comments section here on this post, on the photo itself  on the Facebook page, Twitter me or Email me at tracimjanderson(at)yahoo(dot)co(dot)uk

So how’s that for a 100th post huh?!?!?!

I hope you enjoy having a peek through the Sewing Patterns & please do drop me a line if you have any questions!


Blackmore Vintage Pj Pattern – DONE!!!

Hello there

I’ve been sewing away at the WIP (Work In Progress) / UFO (Un-Finished Object) pile…. And these Pj’s have been there for a shameful 6 months!!!!

They are for Mr.P, And he is a fan indeed!

I used a Vintage Pattern

Blackmore Patterns 2/1

8785 CHEST 38



 This has to be my fave pattern for men’s Pj’s…..




 I loved making these up….. One piece for the leg, Mr.P says they are very roomy and comfy. He loved the fabric too, it’s so difficult to get a decent fabric for me that is good quality too.


 I also love the placket, It’s well put together…..


 I mean look at it…. I just adore a lovely placket, especially if it looks this nice from the inside. They don’t make them like this anymore!


 I have to show you my meeting seams too….. You know I love a good matching seam (seam line not pattern match clearly!!)


 For the hem I added a good 5 inches extra, I wanted these to hang well, so doubled up the hem… It’s good quality 100% cotton, so wanted them to look just right!

I think the only thing I would alter in this pattern for next time would be take a 1.5 inches off the waist then add a waist band, I found sewing through the layers at the placket a little tricky…. To be honest I ripped out that section at least 3 times, but I did want it to be just right.

Basically this pattern is a total winner in my book… I loved sewing it and Mr.P is a fan for sure, I can see a couple of pairs in the stocking this Christmas!


I have not made the Pj top….. Mr.P prefers a t-shirt!


Abakhan Fabrics Sewing Seams for £15


Oh BOY, is this a overdue post or what!!

As some of you may know I am MEANT to do a monthly Sewing Seams For Fifteen (SSFF) I won’t embarrass myself by saying how long this post has been in the making!!

If your new to my SSFF, This (From now on)  is a monthly show and tell, on making lovely things for £15, may that be something for me, my boys, Mr.P or my home. I will have all the links if you fancy a go too… Abakhan Fabrics have a fab online shop, and deliver everywhere! If you have a shop near by I suggest you save your sewing pennies and just dive in!


Anyways enough of all that!!!

On to the juicy sewing stuff!

I chose a pair of shorts, I NEVER sew for me so this was a fun…


So here we are… Do you like the linen?!?! I love the shade &  the weave is fantastic..


I have to say I am a massive fan of Kwik Sew Patterns, their pattern paper is so  durable, Have you used them before??

SSFF #3 4 003

 I had lots of fun picking up the facings with this project… I stopped in my tracks when I seem this, How cute is it!!!

nOW 007

I done this part on holiday hence the non overlocked edge & blurry photo (my phone)

nOW 013

I loved the pattern from the start, but these pockets are just lush, They are deep enough for stuff not to fall out!

nOW 022

And look at the detail on this corner, isn’t it just divine!

Zip detail Kwik sew shorts

And a zip shot!!

Zip view Kwik sew shorts

And another!!!

SSFF Kwik sew shorts 012

And here we are all sewn up…. Do you see the facings there, it’s the same fabric as the pockets but in a differnt colour way! I am such a fan… I’ve even kept the teeny tiny scraps JUST in case I can use them for something!

SSFF Kwik sew shorts 013

Here’s the front view. They are a great length, I have to say some of the shorts that are out at the mo are TERRIBLE….. I mean do you really have to see so much of the bottom!! I feel old!

SSFF Kwik sew shorts 003

A close up of the darts!

SSFF Kwik sew shorts 006

Another Close up shot…. I’m a stickler for seams matching up, I think it’s because I used to be soooo bad at them!!!

SSFF Kwik sew shorts 018

And here is the lovely facing fabric again…. Do you love it?!?!? I like having a secret in my sewing and this totally hits the spot!

SSFF Kwik sew shorts 030

Did I say I loved the pockets already?!?!?!? That tiny squared off edge…. Just lush!

SSFF Kwik sew shorts 011

So that’s my SSFF #3

I have to say, I have a vague excuse for this taking so long to sew/post… I made a rookie mistake, I cut it a size too big, body dis-morphia or what!! So I lost my mojo when I was half way through.

Anyways, on to the numbers…

Kwik Sew K3614 



There is a few options, I was in store and got a meter for


6 inch zip


Hook and eye




TOTAL = £14.62

Not bad for a custom pair of shorts!!

(I have to edit here, the facing fabric was in my stash. But can be purchased here. A quarter meter would do it! )

Anyways, that’s Sewing Seams For Fifteen #3 done and dusted.

I promise you, me and Will, SSFF #4 is en-route!


Simplicity 1621 – Muslin Vintage sheet

Hello again

I’ve just come back from a fitting with Mrs M

Simplicity 1621


It is for a wedding in August, and is going to be made in Bubblegum pink linen…


Isn’t it lovely…. I personally would never have chosen this colour, BUT I think it’s totally going to work with Mrs M. I think everyone knows what colour suits them. With the wool and button I’ve made a massive crochet flower….


What do you think?!?!?!?


So on to the muslin construction, I generally use vintage sheets to make up my muslin’s. They are pretty, and are easily bought from second hand shops AKA Thrift stores!


As ever, when i’m cutting out a pattern I take over the kitchen table! We all do that?!? RIGHT?!?!


A close up of the shoulder and sleeve.


The left shoulder….


The under arm seam and bust dart…..


The Hem…..


And here is Mrs M modelling the the font view….


And the back view…

So What alterations are required?!?! The pattern is cut out in a XL the bust darts are L and I have added 3/4 sleeves (They are from the jacket in the pattern) Due to the bust dart alteration, the shoulder straps are a mite too long also.

Next up

The real thing!