Retail Therapy on the Sewing front!

Hello, Hello!

How is everyone?

I’ve been busy busy. With the new job, I’ve not had much time for anything other than sewing and housework and trying to find the balance between the 2.

But today I was flicking through the albums on my phone & computer and seen, I have heaps of posts waiting to be composed. So in true style lets kick off with some of my SHOPPING  finds!!

So books I’ve wanted these books FOREVER, so bit the bullet and ordered them!


Patten Magic~ Tomoko Nakamicchi



Pattern magic 2~ Tomoko Nakamicchi


Drape Drape~ Hisako Sato


Drape Drape 2~ Hisako Sato

I can’t wait to get my hands on these little beauties! I already know what my next books will be! ADDICTED MAYBE! So… go on let the cat out the bag, what book could you not live without?!?!? I’m a massive fan of The Art of Manipulating Fabric~ Collette Wolff. I may need to buy a new bookshelves soon!

I didn’t just stick to buying books…. I bought a few sewing machine feet! Because you can never have too many!


Look at them in their lovely wee box!

So what did I get for my measly £17.06

~Walking Foot

~Darning / Embroidery Foot

~Button Sewing Foot

~Button Hole Foot

~Blind Hem Foot

~Low Shank Adaptor

~High Shank Adaptor

~Gathering Foot

~Narrow Hem Foot

~Satin Stitch / Applique Foot

~All-Purpose Foot

~Cording Foot

~Zipper Foot

~Quarter Inch Foot

~Overcasting Foot

And al in a Tailor-Made Storage Case bargain huh!

I also picked up this up too..


This is a Bias Binding foot…. Have you ever seen one?!? It’s a first for me, Bias binding is not my forte, and if it’s any good it’s a welcomed addition! Have you ever used one? Does it work for you?

That’s not all my shopping either!

I have been back on Craftsy


So what did I pick up this time?

Sew Designer Jeans ~ Angela Wolf

Jean-ius ~ Kenneth D King

Designing Details : Pockets ~ Kenneth D King

I can’t wait to get the time to start these… I think my craftsy classes have become a new addiction! A bit like my fabric stash! I am slowly getting through my serging class.. Well worth the money I say!

So what have you been buying on the sewing front recently?

Do share!



My Library card doing it’s bussiness!

Hey there, how is everyone?
I have had a very productive day myself, food shopping done, washing done, pattern prepping done and now blogging!!
Today’s post is all about what I have out in my Library card. I must be my library’s worst nightmare… I find a book I like, maybe LOVE is a better word and i just extend it till I hit the full 3 months!


Here’s a my current books….


This is a great wee reference book it has all the basics eg – Understanding the back of a a pattern envelope.. Too altering a pattern for a larger bottom. I think I could have benefited from more pics but overall… I like this book!


This book is F-A-B! I have this on my wish list on Amazon. It has so much info eg – Needles to use, care instructions, how best to cut, what thread to use… I could go on!! I LOVE this book!


This book is another ace book very inspiring, they are defo dresses that changed fashion. There will be quite a few you recognise! I LOVE this book!


AAAhhhh this is a book that will be in my book shelve in no time. It lacks enough pictures but the end products are worth the tinkering! I LOVE this book.

not your mama’s CROCHET – Amy Swenson

This is a mixed bag, on one hand some of the designs are a bit dated… On the other hand it has a Eco bag made with carrier bags, a denim rug and a boyfriend jumper I have to make!! I like this book.. Alot!

chloe owens – all sewn up

This book is oh so inspiring yet another that will be winging it’s way over to my book shelve… Very good for applique.. The cover is lush too. I LOVE this book!

the homemade home – Sania Pell

A quirky book to say the least! But I have to say the embroidery hoop pics, & tea cup plants are too cute. I like this book.

The LIBERTY Book of Home Sewing – Lucinda Ganderton

OOOOHHH this book is another on my wish list on Amazon… There are so many projects to do roman blinds, round cushion, tote bag, the rose cushion makes me squeak just a little… This book is a must…. I LOVE this book!

And last but not least…..

SUMMER AND THE CITY – Candice Brushnell

Who doesn’t like a little trash!! I LOVE this book!!

So there we have it… My library card at work…. And what a good job it has done! I have these books at the side of my bed, I have to say never tire looking at them! Some of the links have a look inside section, I suggest you have a wee peek to see what all my rambling is about…!

Does anyone have any good books they are reading at the mo?!?!? Fancy sharing in the comments… I would like a few new books to faun over!!

Not such a creative space more or a reaserch space!!