Bonnie Birdies ~ tweet tweet!!!

Hey there peeps
I’m sitting catching up on some supernatural, with a cuppa, gingernuts and…..
My wee “Bonnie Birdies”….
These have been in the stash sine last year!!! About time I got them made up. They are named after a dear friend from back home, in Scotland. I think it all ties in nicely her name in Bonnie, women in Scotland can be called birds (slang!) with a little tartan too..
I can’t wait to get heaps of these made up…
Do you give your products sentimental names???
Do share!!

Kimono update….

Hello there
I am still working on the kimono, Have to say this project is one of my all time faves it has been a pleasure to work with… I have really enjoyed every min of it.
It has not only been lovely to work with BUT it has been very educational… Seeing the way it has been put together… it has all been made by hand I can’t imagine how long it took to make it originally, I’m only mending it and it’s taking a while….. That being said I am taking my time with it as I’m enjoying it so much!
So where am I now
The inside back seam is done….

This is the hem….
I now just have the collar and the inside arm to do then it’s ready to be put in the Christmas gift pile. Oh and I have to make a waist tie too… I look forward to choosing the fabric for that!! I would love to make a pattern for this as it it a original, and has been executed with amazing workmanship… Watch this space and I’ll let you know…
Let me know if you would like to have the tute written up?!?!?!
Anyways I’m off to enjoy the Autumn sunshine before I pick up the boys.

My latest fabric haul…. YUM YUM!!

Hello there how is everyone??
Here we are at another Monday… I am still a happy Monday person it has to be said. I here so many groaning about it but it’s the beginning of routine for me… I love a Monday morning.
Today’s post is all about my fabric haul over at Abakhans Fabric over in Manchester. Anyone who doesn’t mind TK Maxx or a good old rummage will adore this store there are so so many gems to be found. The first floor is all just wire baskets filled with cotton, linen, wool, dress fabric…. I could go on but I would really be here all day!! There is a section through the back that is filled with wool, patterns and heaps more it.s a feast for any avid sew-er or wool lover!!!
Upstairs is more fabric but this is all on the bolt…. This is where all the patterns are, with a large button collection, more ribbon than you can shake a stick at.. I think if I had no kids with me I could easily spend a day here just rummaging!!!
So on to my haul…
This is for some girlie pram rag quilts!!
This is for some boy pram rag quilts
This may be rag quilts…. But it is very nice, it may go straight in to the stash (you know the oh dear will I cut it or not pile!!)
this is so a quilt!!
And again!!!!
And again….!!!
This is going to be a fleece lined circle scarf… And an extra one for Christmas pressies!!
This is gonna be a top… Have you seen the freebie on Coletterie site?!?!!? I think this would be lovely in this fabric… Think this pattern is gonna be a fave!!!
This is gonna be a linen skirt…. I have to find the pattern, But I reckon I have heaps in the stash!! This is gonna be my Christmas day outfit!
This is for a top…. Also for Christmas day!!
This has no purpose as of yet, but it has St Patricks written all over it!!!
So what do you think of that for a haul????
FAB FAB I say!!!
I have another post to write not so…. see you in a min!!! Hope you’ve enjoyed my haul. I plan on sewing tonight so will have a actual sewing thing to show you!!!

Making Christmas stockings!

Good morning
How was everyones Halloween Holiday?? Me and the boys had a ball.. We had a little slip up on the pumpkin but that’s for another post!!
Today is all about the stocking
If been sorting out the stash… Can’t wait to get my hands on the glittery ric~rak!!
I have heaps of Christmas ribbon… If your looking for a good selection you should head on over to Seamstar, It’s a fab site very fresh and a feast for the eyes I say!!
This is the much loved Button stash…. Well a section of it anyway!! The wooden trees were from Annette’s Allsorts they are a mother daughter team…. They can also be found here, the site is very new but has some lovely items already. They are looking for talented sellers.. Is that you I wonder!!!
Nothing says Christmas like a bag of bell’s!! (I think these are from Dunelm Mill)
Add a few bow’s…. (Also Dunelm Mill)
And some bead’s…. Just to satisfy the newly found bead enthusiast I have become!!! (Another Dunelm Mill buy)
Now the fabric hoarder in me reveals itself….
Here is my stash of Christmas fabric!!!
So…. That’s the stash! I have started a few stockings already…
I’m thinking the linen gingham combo is looking well… 😀
Well it’s all about the pictures in this post, I have to dash off and get a 5mmcrochet hook and see what wool is inspiring me…. I’m thinking I need some new purple in my life to go with my royal blue!!
Till the next post

Another Rag quilt already?!?!?

Hello there
So here we are the last Blogtoberfest 2012 post…. Have you enjoyed the ride?!? I have to say I have. I know I’ve been running behind at times but hey I’m at the finishing line and I can safely say it feels good!! (yeah yeah I know I’m 3 days late but I’m here!!)
I am finishing blogtoberfest with a little bit of a PoP… WiZZ…. BanG!!!
I, yes me will be opening a wee shop! It will be here and Very predictable I’m sure but it will be called after this blog (the same as my Facebook, Ravelry and similar to my twitter pintrest and nothing like my linkedin!)
My wee shop will be filled with rag quilts, crayon rolls taggie comforters, aprons up-cycled bags… And wherever else my creative juices may take me!! I am hoping you can pop on over and have a look at the profile and maybe you could add me as a fave?!?!? I shall have products up and shop running by the end of November.

The yummy fabric is from Abakhan Fabrics store in Manchester

They have a few FAB deals on at the mo..

15% of Knitting patterns

15% off Chiffon Organdy & Organza

10% of Bargain Bundles & Rolls


On the 28th & 29th November they have a FANTASTIC SALE on

It’s the winter preview sale

On Wed 28th

20% off 6pm – 9pm

70% of many items

AND on Thurs 29th

15% off ALL DAY


This sale is on in all stores… Check and see if your near one your a fool if you don’t!!! BUT that’s just my opinion!!!

I have to say I am heading to Manchester and I’m gutted that i won’t make the winter preview sale as I’ m leaving to go over this week. BUT I shall be looking in to the 10% off bargain bundles.. I’ll be packing light so I don’t go over my 20Kg on my way home!!!


Anyways Talk about a tangent!!!!

This rag quilt is  a fave in our hose Frazer loves it…. I think the boys will be getting a rag quilt of their own very soon.. Finn wants Batman, I do love a up-cycling job (he found the Batman fabric in my stash it’s a old bed sheet!)

Anyways that’s me Traci of My Handmadehappiness signing off
Bye bye Blogtoberfest 2012. You were fun and I am looking forward to next year!!