Stash busting.


So I’ve started to look at my fabric stash, let’s be honest we all have one! My friend asked me ro run up a dog bed. We can buy one up town for £5… We all know they don’t last!


It was a good stash busting project and it’s durable too. I used a heavy weight fabric and the filler from the bed my friends puppy destroyed! Waste not want not.



The Big Solely Sewing Pattern Swap & My 100th post!

Hello there

So this is my 100th post, I thought I’d make it a good one…..

I recently moved house, and gained a new sewing room.




I was able to see my full hoard stash in all it’s glory! I have decided that I have way to many sewing patterns, as well as everything else! So instead of selling them on I have decided to host a swap! Swaps are always fun right?!?!?


(A sneak peek at the patterns I decided to keep!!)


So how will this work I hear you say!!

I have made a new photo album on my Solely Sewing Facebook page, (I have put the album over on Facebook as there are so many!) This is where you can see the collection and info such as sizes.

It is not necessary, but you can follow Solely Sewing here on wordpress, Facebook & Twitter to keep up to date.

What can you swap if you find a pattern you like?!?

~ A Ladies Sewing Pattern that is a UK Size 8

~ A Men’s/Boy’s Sewing Pattern

~ Haberdashery

~ Fabric

I have a vague wish list on my Pinterest, this board was not made for the swap, but it’s a good indicator of what I’m on the look out for!

This swap is open world wide

Everyone who takes part will pay there own Postage & Packaging, this will be the only charge!

When a swap has been agreed upon, I shall edit the photo = SWAPPED

I don’t really have a end date on the swap in mind, I reckon it’ll be live till all the patterns are gone!


You can message me in the comments section here on this post, on the photo itself  on the Facebook page, Twitter me or Email me at tracimjanderson(at)yahoo(dot)co(dot)uk

So how’s that for a 100th post huh?!?!?!

I hope you enjoy having a peek through the Sewing Patterns & please do drop me a line if you have any questions!


Blackmore Vintage Pj Pattern – DONE!!!

Hello there

I’ve been sewing away at the WIP (Work In Progress) / UFO (Un-Finished Object) pile…. And these Pj’s have been there for a shameful 6 months!!!!

They are for Mr.P, And he is a fan indeed!

I used a Vintage Pattern

Blackmore Patterns 2/1

8785 CHEST 38



 This has to be my fave pattern for men’s Pj’s…..




 I loved making these up….. One piece for the leg, Mr.P says they are very roomy and comfy. He loved the fabric too, it’s so difficult to get a decent fabric for me that is good quality too.


 I also love the placket, It’s well put together…..


 I mean look at it…. I just adore a lovely placket, especially if it looks this nice from the inside. They don’t make them like this anymore!


 I have to show you my meeting seams too….. You know I love a good matching seam (seam line not pattern match clearly!!)


 For the hem I added a good 5 inches extra, I wanted these to hang well, so doubled up the hem… It’s good quality 100% cotton, so wanted them to look just right!

I think the only thing I would alter in this pattern for next time would be take a 1.5 inches off the waist then add a waist band, I found sewing through the layers at the placket a little tricky…. To be honest I ripped out that section at least 3 times, but I did want it to be just right.

Basically this pattern is a total winner in my book… I loved sewing it and Mr.P is a fan for sure, I can see a couple of pairs in the stocking this Christmas!


I have not made the Pj top….. Mr.P prefers a t-shirt!


Pincushion Marathon!


At night when my boys go to bed I indulge in what I call Sofa Crafting, Normally it’s crochet of some kind but of late I’ve taken to embroidery… I have been using guide to embroidery stitches – Jennifer Campbell & Anne-Marie Backwell, it’s a great reference and has fab photos too. There are heaps of sections too Eg,Chain stitches, Feather stitches, Couching stitches, Smocking…. I could go on but!!!!

Basically I think this books going to keep me going a while!


 Here’s a feather pincushion in the making!


 And another…..


 And another……


 And another feather……


And a lazy daisy…..



Do you love it?!?!?!?

And to think all this is from the stash! A small part but I think I can mark this as stash busting!

Anyways I’m off to enjoy the lovely weather, Have a fabulous Sunday everyone.



Solely Sewing Giveaway #1 Cross stitch Nefertiti


**Waves & Smiles**

So since moving, I have had time to evaluate my craft hoard stash. I’m going to stock up the shop with FQ’s and other bits and bobs, I’m also going to host a sewing pattern swap, but I thought I would have a couple of giveaways.

First up is a Nefertiti cross stitch project I was intending to do….. But alas no, I have started it a whole 2 rows, I think someone else should finish it!!


So here she is


I love her, but I think when your a hoarder crafter like me, you have to chose your crafts wisely. I am a sewist & a crocheter, so this beauty has to go to a new home!!


 She comes with all floss….


Chart and a needle


So what to you think?!?!?!

Is this a lady you’d love to be stitching?!?!?!


So the boring bit

Who can enter???


This is a worldwide Giveaway!!!

What do I do to enter

You can have up to 3 entries


This blog

My Twitter

My Facebook

For every entry please leave a comment

If you already follow then comment letting me know

This giveaway will be open till

Wednesday 10th July 12 noon

Good luck and I hope to see you all soon!!


Simplicity 1621 – Muslin Vintage sheet

Hello again

I’ve just come back from a fitting with Mrs M

Simplicity 1621


It is for a wedding in August, and is going to be made in Bubblegum pink linen…


Isn’t it lovely…. I personally would never have chosen this colour, BUT I think it’s totally going to work with Mrs M. I think everyone knows what colour suits them. With the wool and button I’ve made a massive crochet flower….


What do you think?!?!?!?


So on to the muslin construction, I generally use vintage sheets to make up my muslin’s. They are pretty, and are easily bought from second hand shops AKA Thrift stores!


As ever, when i’m cutting out a pattern I take over the kitchen table! We all do that?!? RIGHT?!?!


A close up of the shoulder and sleeve.


The left shoulder….


The under arm seam and bust dart…..


The Hem…..


And here is Mrs M modelling the the font view….


And the back view…

So What alterations are required?!?! The pattern is cut out in a XL the bust darts are L and I have added 3/4 sleeves (They are from the jacket in the pattern) Due to the bust dart alteration, the shoulder straps are a mite too long also.

Next up

The real thing!


Circle scarf Tah Dah!!!

Hello again!
I have been sewing away
To be precise!!
I bought this fabric from Abakhan’s last time I was over… It is so yummy and warm. I think it will go with everything, don’t you think?!?!?!
This is gonna be a fabric you’ll see a few times more…. I have made a tutorial for copying a pair of curtains. I now am planning a tutorial for a bow cushion!
I am gonna wait till this tummy bug leaves me though. I feel like I have washing machine for a tummy!
Anyways time to attempt a cuppa.

My latest fabric haul…. YUM YUM!!

Hello there how is everyone??
Here we are at another Monday… I am still a happy Monday person it has to be said. I here so many groaning about it but it’s the beginning of routine for me… I love a Monday morning.
Today’s post is all about my fabric haul over at Abakhans Fabric over in Manchester. Anyone who doesn’t mind TK Maxx or a good old rummage will adore this store there are so so many gems to be found. The first floor is all just wire baskets filled with cotton, linen, wool, dress fabric…. I could go on but I would really be here all day!! There is a section through the back that is filled with wool, patterns and heaps more it.s a feast for any avid sew-er or wool lover!!!
Upstairs is more fabric but this is all on the bolt…. This is where all the patterns are, with a large button collection, more ribbon than you can shake a stick at.. I think if I had no kids with me I could easily spend a day here just rummaging!!!
So on to my haul…
This is for some girlie pram rag quilts!!
This is for some boy pram rag quilts
This may be rag quilts…. But it is very nice, it may go straight in to the stash (you know the oh dear will I cut it or not pile!!)
this is so a quilt!!
And again!!!!
And again….!!!
This is going to be a fleece lined circle scarf… And an extra one for Christmas pressies!!
This is gonna be a top… Have you seen the freebie on Coletterie site?!?!!? I think this would be lovely in this fabric… Think this pattern is gonna be a fave!!!
This is gonna be a linen skirt…. I have to find the pattern, But I reckon I have heaps in the stash!! This is gonna be my Christmas day outfit!
This is for a top…. Also for Christmas day!!
This has no purpose as of yet, but it has St Patricks written all over it!!!
So what do you think of that for a haul????
FAB FAB I say!!!
I have another post to write not so…. see you in a min!!! Hope you’ve enjoyed my haul. I plan on sewing tonight so will have a actual sewing thing to show you!!!

Making Christmas stockings!

Good morning
How was everyones Halloween Holiday?? Me and the boys had a ball.. We had a little slip up on the pumpkin but that’s for another post!!
Today is all about the stocking
If been sorting out the stash… Can’t wait to get my hands on the glittery ric~rak!!
I have heaps of Christmas ribbon… If your looking for a good selection you should head on over to Seamstar, It’s a fab site very fresh and a feast for the eyes I say!!
This is the much loved Button stash…. Well a section of it anyway!! The wooden trees were from Annette’s Allsorts they are a mother daughter team…. They can also be found here, the site is very new but has some lovely items already. They are looking for talented sellers.. Is that you I wonder!!!
Nothing says Christmas like a bag of bell’s!! (I think these are from Dunelm Mill)
Add a few bow’s…. (Also Dunelm Mill)
And some bead’s…. Just to satisfy the newly found bead enthusiast I have become!!! (Another Dunelm Mill buy)
Now the fabric hoarder in me reveals itself….
Here is my stash of Christmas fabric!!!
So…. That’s the stash! I have started a few stockings already…
I’m thinking the linen gingham combo is looking well… 😀
Well it’s all about the pictures in this post, I have to dash off and get a 5mmcrochet hook and see what wool is inspiring me…. I’m thinking I need some new purple in my life to go with my royal blue!!
Till the next post

Growing some more stash From Abakhan Fabrics Manchester!

So like the title says….. I’ve been stash building not busting!!
Oh dear! I don’t feel to bad about it though (said like a true fabric junkie) It was all a bargain and all bar one piece of cotton has a purpose!

I got it all from Abakhan Fabrics Manchester… They are a bargain hunters galore. It is the first shop I’ve seen that does fabric by the kg and not the meter/yard.They have so many stores but sadly none in Ireland!!

They also have a fantastic Website that I have to say is very people friendly.

They have regular giveaways on their Facebook page.

I have to give a big thank you too Fiona of The Sewing Directory. She was as always very helpful if you have any sewing needs she should be your first port of call.

Now on to my lovely wee buys today….

I’m loving that the boys can choose their own fabric now makes for more enjoyment when sewing and the boys are so proud that mummy made it… It makes me smile so much!
Finn chose this for a wee t-shirt/Pj’s
Frazer chose this for the same job!
This is for me to make some t-shirts from Burda.
This cotton is more lime than the picture shows…. It has no purpose YET but I couldn’t leave it!!
I know it’s a little early for Xmas buying but this has bunting written all over it!!
Another early Xmas buy but look at those reindeer… Too cute this will be a fab skirt.
This here is gonna be a lush quilt… Now HONESTLY do you think these will go well together?!?!? I love them but I am a tiny bit unsure… Unleash your inner thoughts peeps!!
The boys seen this and gave the expected MUMMY LOOK scream, so it was a given for the buy pile!!
One more BIG up from me to Abakhan is their Bargain bags Approx 30 meters for only £14.99.

Basically I love Michael Abakhan Fabric, If you don’t know it… Then get to know it!!!

That’s my gushing over..

Hope all you fabric junkies have fun!!