So peep’s
I have to share with you some of my bursting self indulgent pride…..I, little old me have been featured in not 1 but 2 blogs :)))))
I am so happy that people find me a good enough crafter to talk about on there blog!!!! Also I have now been featured on a ravelry page…..

Firstly too boo’s featured Finn’s blanket
Which is coming along nicely
She has a lovely blog and is all about fabrics with a few tutorial’s thrown into the mix…

Secondly is finki featured my June challenge,
This lovely lady set’s up a lovely wee challenge every month
Which you can choose to join or not no pressure…..

This lovely piece of crochet was just featured on ravelry
the pic they have up is a little blurry but in my project’s i have better pic’s….

Also this here is my very first attempt at lace crochet…
the pattern is from the lovely Francesca over at FuoriBorgo
this lady is a very talented photographer with a love of travel and a love of crochet….
With this link i will say no more NOW but watch this space!!!!



my creative space 14.07.2010

Well hello there you lovely people!!!!!
Another Wednesday night is upon me so here I have a wee bit of creativity to share with you…….
I am doing a this Wendy pattern that my local yarn shop gave me for free!!!! Well I did buy the wool Wendy viva!!!!! I am so happy with it as I have not knitted in say…..15 years I have been using these video tutorials here …… They have been more than helpful…..So that’s it this week……. I have lot’s cut out for sewing but…… Poor poor Adam aka my sewing machine is waiting on part’s so hopefully next week I shall have some sewing goodness next week….. But until then I am glad that I have been able to pick up the knitting needles again.Check out what other crafty bee’s have been up to over at the lovely kirsty’s