my creative space 14.07.2010

Well hello there you lovely people!!!!!
Another Wednesday night is upon me so here I have a wee bit of creativity to share with you…….
I am doing a this Wendy pattern that my local yarn shop gave me for free!!!! Well I did buy the wool Wendy viva!!!!! I am so happy with it as I have not knitted in say…..15 years I have been using these video tutorials here …… They have been more than helpful…..So that’s it this week……. I have lot’s cut out for sewing but…… Poor poor Adam aka my sewing machine is waiting on part’s so hopefully next week I shall have some sewing goodness next week….. But until then I am glad that I have been able to pick up the knitting needles again.Check out what other crafty bee’s have been up to over at the lovely kirsty’s



6 Replies to “my creative space 14.07.2010”

  1. Hiya

    Errrrr…..i'm not quite ready to swap…..almost!!!! I have printed the swap details off about 3 times now!

    Give me until monday morning – I will make sure I am ready then!



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