Another Rag quilt already?!?!?

Hello there
So here we are the last Blogtoberfest 2012 post…. Have you enjoyed the ride?!? I have to say I have. I know I’ve been running behind at times but hey I’m at the finishing line and I can safely say it feels good!! (yeah yeah I know I’m 3 days late but I’m here!!)
I am finishing blogtoberfest with a little bit of a PoP… WiZZ…. BanG!!!
I, yes me will be opening a wee shop! It will be here and Very predictable I’m sure but it will be called after this blog (the same as my Facebook, Ravelry and similar to my twitter pintrest and nothing like my linkedin!)
My wee shop will be filled with rag quilts, crayon rolls taggie comforters, aprons up-cycled bags… And wherever else my creative juices may take me!! I am hoping you can pop on over and have a look at the profile and maybe you could add me as a fave?!?!? I shall have products up and shop running by the end of November.

The yummy fabric is from Abakhan Fabrics store in Manchester

They have a few FAB deals on at the mo..

15% of Knitting patterns

15% off Chiffon Organdy & Organza

10% of Bargain Bundles & Rolls


On the 28th & 29th November they have a FANTASTIC SALE on

It’s the winter preview sale

On Wed 28th

20% off 6pm – 9pm

70% of many items

AND on Thurs 29th

15% off ALL DAY


This sale is on in all stores… Check and see if your near one your a fool if you don’t!!! BUT that’s just my opinion!!!

I have to say I am heading to Manchester and I’m gutted that i won’t make the winter preview sale as I’ m leaving to go over this week. BUT I shall be looking in to the 10% off bargain bundles.. I’ll be packing light so I don’t go over my 20Kg on my way home!!!


Anyways Talk about a tangent!!!!

This rag quilt is  a fave in our hose Frazer loves it…. I think the boys will be getting a rag quilt of their own very soon.. Finn wants Batman, I do love a up-cycling job (he found the Batman fabric in my stash it’s a old bed sheet!)

Anyways that’s me Traci of My Handmadehappiness signing off
Bye bye Blogtoberfest 2012. You were fun and I am looking forward to next year!!



Accuquilt Rag quilt Agogo!!!! Tips/Tutorial

Good morning peeps…
Another Monday has come ALREADY. How did that happen!! I think kids make time disappear!! Talking of my boys…. We are officially in school/nursery FULL-TIME can I hear a WOOP WOOP!!!!! Very happy mummy right now. I now have time to make me a little rota of craft that will hopefully turn in to a wee business.
Well on to my rag quilt Tada!! As you know I have been playing with my Go cutter…. I am in love this is a fantastic gadget to have if you have a passion for quilting, your cutting time is minimal and you can get right down to the fun stuff QUILTING!!!!!
So as you can see I’ve been busy cutting & cutting away.. The mat has taken quite a battering. I’m so glad they are available in the UK. And for £9.20!!
There was alot of prep for the perfect rag square…
I have but 2 bits of tape on my sewing machine plate.. 1. ~ at the 1cm mark 2. ~ at the back so you can line up the corners. and there was no need for a 3rd as the mark is just at the edge of the foot plate at the front!! People may find this all a but too much but it does make for the “perfect” square.
Another couple of tips….
1. ~ When quilting the squares, I have been doing a backward stitch just to secure, I have from the corner done – 2 stitches forward 1 back then stitched to the opposite corner… And then done 2-3 backward stitch. The reason for the 1 back stitch at the start, is the stitch length is longer!! It messes up the perfect~ness!!
2. ~ If you are worried about sewing a “perfect” cross (for the quilting of rag square) then finger press at the beginning of each stitch!
So what do you think?!?!?
The owl fabric is from Abakhan Fabrics Manchester store. I love love it so very quirky and very me!! If you live near a Abakhan Fabric store you should defo head in for a visit.. It’s a one stop shop… Me and the boys are heading over to Manchester for a holiday this weekend. I will be in for a wander!! If your like me and don’t have a store near you why not check out their new Delivery section.
Well I’m off on my secret mission… All will be revealed on Wednesday.

Dusting off the Accuquilt Rag die

Hey peep’s
How did everyones Friday go??
Me and the boys had a fab movie night filled with cinema style popcorn yum yum! The boys chose Spiderman…. No surprise there!! Anyways a fab night was had by all 🙂
I have some news brewing but will be waiting to spill the beans
I have been playing with my Accuquilt rag die… Can’t wait to tell you my news!!
I might now be around tomorrow, there is lots of fun stuff to do up town for halloween.. Hence the early post!!

quilt along update

So a update on the sew along……Here we have my quilt top and basted (but in need of a trim & a camera with a flash)!! For my granddad’s 70th birthday…..

This is the pattern from this book I omitted the top and bottom border as I want to get another 1 started the quilting get’s done next week so….. I might just get 1 off my xmas list!!!
wish me luck

And watch this space for quilting idea’s

why not join in????


A few scrap’s a quilt along

Well hello there lovely reader’s
This morning going through my reading list I notice
a few scrap’s is having a quilt sew along, but not any kind of quilt along….. it is going to be all about the free-motion quilting…… Not the pattern of the top, I think that this will be such a informative sew-along, I have still not finished this quilt due to be honest time but fear comes it to it a fair bit too….. Also how the hell do I lower the feed dog’s really have to get the manual out!!!!!
Here is the quilt in question…..

I also have 3-4 more quilts 1 want to make so must get to making!!!!

I hope that Christina will be covering
how to gain confidence in quilting….
as i want to do train quilting for my boy’s…..
cowboy-hat quilting for my grandad…..
and ball’s of wool & needles for my granny mattie…
i have been bitten by the bug!!!!

Christina is holding a giveaway with this quilt along it’s open till the 21st……
So go have a wee peek
I believe this is for new quilter’s as-well as old


1st quilt ever – cutting

wow so i have faced the fear…… and cut the fabric, i have changed a couple of fabric’s the gray didn’t work and the flowers are very cute….

all in all the cutting has gone well i feel one is slightly to small, and i stupidly cut the selvage off with most definite hindsight….. shouldn’t have done that moron hope it’s OK
oh well mustn’t dwell!!!!

if you like the fabric check out this bag!!!!!

once again all fabrics are from mission hall