Yo-Yo creative space!!

This week is just a teaser for a Xmas tutorial that I am making just now…..

So here it is my yo-yo yumminess….

I should have the tutorial up by Sunday….

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Creative fun fun fun

Well hello there
How’s everyone doing on this rather muggy Wednesday night ?!?!?!?
I have been trying to take many a good picture, for my wee Facebook shop…. see over there to the right…. Go on have a nose….. Maybe you could like me too!!!!!
Yes a shameless plug!!!!!
OK enough of all that!!
My creative space…
I have a few crayon rolls made up….
A few more on the cutting table……
My wonderful granny Mattie gave me all her buttons a while ago, and i have been having a rummage through them……..
Also I have been gathering Xmas cotton & notions.
Thought I’d give you a wee peek!!!Check out more crafty folks here!!!!!Traci

My 1st free motion…

Hello there peeps…. so I have been busy sewing sewing sewing….
Firstly I have finished my “orna” bag for a friend johns wife, it’s a bit late but hey hey!! I do have to get a handle on my time management though!!! Well that or don’t leave it till the last minute!!
from this tutorial
As you can see I am a lot better in the last pic….. Well I see a difference anyways….


Things I have learned….

It’s not a thing I can rush, when I concentrate it looks way better!!
Use more pins to baste, as I have lots of wrinkles at the back,
Take breaks, staring for to long at the same thing is not for me!!!
Practice makes perfect….. I hope!!!!

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How 2 sew patchwork?!?!?!

So here we have it folk’s the last installment to the David & Charles sew series
Patchwork is my new found friend, we are new friends but friends all the same! My first bad with patchwork is I don’t wash the fabric….. If I’m honest I don’t wash ANY fabrics! But for quilting I think it’s more a preference to the sewer?!?There are fab tips on ironing,  pressing seams and cutting triangles too. The 1st of 3 projects actually made my stomach flip! No really BUT I have to say purple does that too me! This book shows you what is do-able, even to the newbie, and it there really is wow factor. The next project is a great stash buster, that the kid’s will love… See the pigs above I mean cute or what! Once again templates are provided, so your good to go! The last project may seem scary, a backpack, but I reckon the earlier you are introduced to the zipper the better, saves you getting the fear! I am only just getting over!

So in conclusion for me the
How To Sew Series By David and Charles.

The books as a series, for me have been a good read, I think anybody looking to get in to sewing would thoroughly enjoy these books, and as a person who sews already I got a couple of tips too.  Another bonus for me is that I am a hoarder of books. I now think that E-books have a place in my life, I mean I don’t need to have every book on my shelve now do I! Also there is the pollution/waste issue too….. I mean all the P&P and the delivering. I am in no way saying I will never buy a book again, just that my eyes have been opened and there is space for a E-book or 2!!

Book 1
Book 2
Book 3
This book


Loose threads Exhibition

So this is a wee write up about the
Quilts of life
Here in Derry in the Tower museum.The loose thread quilters was formed in 1996, it is a small group of quilters from all over Northern Ireland. Within this group of 45 people there a wide range of skills, as you will see in the below quilts.
This exhibition was first commissioned by the Mount Stewart Estate to celebrate the life and times of Edith Lady Of Londonderry on the 50th anniversary of her death.
Niall’s lion By Mary CrickardThis quilt was inspired by Marys grandson, seeing a lion in the Gardens of Mount Stewart, Mary reckons it might have been the rustling of the leaves. This quilt has so many pieces I can’t even imagine how long it took! P.S I reckon that I will be visiting Mount Stewart it looks lovely.
Colour of history By Margaret Woodside

This quilt was inspired by a family banner which hangs in the Mount Stewart chapel. See the Tudor rose in the middle, that’s the badge of Edith Womens Legion.

Impressions of Mount Stewart Gardens By Jeniffer CullenJenifer lives 5 mins from Mount Stewart Gardens and loves to walk by the lake. After researching a little I wish I lived this close too.
The rich colours reflect the autumn garden so well.
View from a window By Patrica AsheWhat a view Lady of Londonderry must have had, looking over the gardens, she designed and over to Strangford Lough. Patricia has done the view justice with this stained window effect piece, using fine voiles. This would look so good over someones window.So I hope you enjoy this post as much as I have enjoyed seeing the exhibit and writing about it. I have learned so many new things too, and may just have to do a bit more reading up on this Edith!!

Please do take the time to check out the the links, they are very much worth the time.


How 2 machine sew?!?!?

So here is my 3rd review of the sew series from David & Charles

So were at the stage in the series where, the sewing machine is being investigated and used…. Still at this stage there should be no need to own a machine, maybe there is someone you can borrow it from?? Maybe the person who got you interested in the first place!

The first thing that this book this book made me do was….. Smile… It talks of sewing with no thread and on lined paper! I remember hearing such words and laughing it off! To say i wasted a lot of fabric trying to sew in straight lines is every much a understatement!

This book has a clear set of tips from pining, seams to stitches. There are also 3 patterns in this installment, first is a super cute and easy to make bag, the above pictured scatter cushion which i think is lush….. BUT i have to wait, till my wee ones are a bit older for such loveliness as it would never last! Now the last project calls out to the hippie in me, it’s a light weight pocket blind, and very easily made and i reckon i would have a crystal in every pocket, to create clam. I think you could also use this as a replacement to a bead curtain in a door way.

This book has a lot to offer and further entices the reader to sew, another great part to this series!

Book 1
Book 2
this book
Book 4

A very welcomed return… Sewing Class

Today is a very happy day for me dear reader’s, I am this morning heading out in all the rain and wind. Why would anyone be happy with such action’s?!?!?!?
Well this is why this lovely lady here with me, is my Sewing teacher. She is beyond talented, altering a wedding dress is just a every day job! She was a teacher at the local collage, but for a number of years has worked in pilot’s row, a youth & community centre.I have enjoyed going to this night class but you know, between pregnancy and breastfeeding….. I’ve not been able to go since my last Pregnancy. I am 8 months gone in the pic above! Not only is my wee night class a wealth of good knowledge, but it’s a getaway for 3 hours 1 night a week… I also have adopted this lady, Chris is now my Derry mother (I am from Edinburgh) So I am making the rather blustery journey into town to sign up for the class. And cannot wait to get started!


how 2 applique?!?!?!!?!?

Hello there,
So I’m back with the second review of David & Charles how to sew series

Applique french verb “apply”

This was like having my own teacher, it has step by step instructions for using bondaweb/wondaweb & has a few tip’s along the way too.

I love that this book gives you the instructions for hand stitching not just machine stitching, so if your still on the fence this book offer’s a dip! Before you decide (which you will) to get a sewing machine.

There are a a few easy to use templates you can use to say, jazz up a bag or cover a hole in your wee one’s jacket or jeans. Now if you don’t just love the bunting project in this book then your a lost cause, but that’s just me! Yeah yeah i know, it’s all about the stash you have but this inspires. The last project is a really cute laundry bag, it has all the templates at the back of the book again, i think i might just be making this for my friend Andygirl, she always need’s a hand in that area!

I enjoyed reading this book, and i think it’s great there are templates, so you can start on something straightaway. Knowing blanket stitch is the only thing you need to get on with your projects. And to my surprise there was suppliers to not only for UK but the US too.

I have the other 2 reviews ready to be typed up but that’s on tomorrow’s list!

Book 1

This book
Book 3
Book 4

How 2 sew?!?!?!?

So a question for you…..
What do you think of E-Book’s? Do they muster much though?
For me if I’m honest, they have never mustered a though….
So this book gave me a surprise,

As I said above this book gave me a surprise, being that it was my first E-Book. The first thing I liked about this book was it’s talk of recycling, I’m all for such thinking. The book also give’s the new sewer a insight in to interfacing, I only found about at a later stage of my sewing day’s! There is a comprehensive write up on fabric types, seam allowance’s & washing of said fabric’s.

This book has a basic sewing kit must have…. as ever i approach such a page with caution but to my surprise, i actually agree with 10 of the 12 listed, and I wholeheartedly agree with the need for a excellent iron and iron board… This is one thing I learned after a few sewing mishaps.

All in all I found this E-book to be a great book for “getting started in the world of sewing “. And by no mean’s solely for the machine sewer!

I have to say, this could be a contender for the Xmas list of any budding sewer.
Please do watch this space as there are 4 book’s within this series, and I will have a write up AKA review in the next couple of day’s….. You might even get a PDF sneak peek if I can work out how to work the thing!!!!

This book
Book 2
Book 3
Book 4


Today’s creative space

Hello there dear lovely reader’s, it has been a couple of week’s since my last creative space, between life and laundry I have been taken over! But I hope to have gained some sort of order again!
This week i have got to show you the long awaited lace trim, it’s for my granny Mattie’s linen scarf. It’s for her Xmas, Oh so happy with it, even if took forever!
This is lot’s cotton cut and ready for sewing in to crayon roll’s
And this, well this is all up-cycled bed sheet’s, and is now a lovingly made quilt. It’s for my granddad’s 70th birthday. I will be following this tutorial to quilt it starting this weekend.Fancy some inspiration…..
Head on over too the ever talented Kirsty’s