A very welcomed return… Sewing Class

Today is a very happy day for me dear reader’s, I am this morning heading out in all the rain and wind. Why would anyone be happy with such action’s?!?!?!?
Well this is why this lovely lady here with me, is my Sewing teacher. She is beyond talented, altering a wedding dress is just a every day job! She was a teacher at the local collage, but for a number of years has worked in pilot’s row, a youth & community centre.I have enjoyed going to this night class but you know, between pregnancy and breastfeeding….. I’ve not been able to go since my last Pregnancy. I am 8 months gone in the pic above! Not only is my wee night class a wealth of good knowledge, but it’s a getaway for 3 hours 1 night a week… I also have adopted this lady, Chris is now my Derry mother (I am from Edinburgh) So I am making the rather blustery journey into town to sign up for the class. And cannot wait to get started!



3 thoughts on “A very welcomed return… Sewing Class

  1. When you fins a good teacher – hold on!
    I signed up for a college course on dressmaking and it was terrible, I got my money back and it has completely put me off.

    However it did make me realize that I have more skills and more to offer as a tutor myself, so I guess something good came from it.

    I hope you have fun, I am sure you will xxx

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