Make do and mend

Hello there peeps!

How is everyone?

I’ve been sewing away mostly mends at the minute… Although I have plenty other things on the go, I have so many posts to write but my course is coming to an end and there are not enough hours in the day to blog too!

So my mends… These are a few for my boys old nursery school.


A dress in need of a little TLC!



I finished it of with new stitch I found on my machine Santa sent me! I love the finish, it’s very neat. I knew that I couldn’t use my overlocker, as there was so little to work with. But the end result is a good one!!


And a couple of teddies in need if a little hand stitching too!





Both these required hand stitching… Ladder stitch is my go to for a easy clean finish.

I love that I can give a little back. My boys nursery school was the greatest start to schooling!

I have a few more posts in the pipe line, but for now I’m off to start a few more alterations!



Pincushion Marathon!


At night when my boys go to bed I indulge in what I call Sofa Crafting, Normally it’s crochet of some kind but of late I’ve taken to embroidery… I have been using guide to embroidery stitches – Jennifer Campbell & Anne-Marie Backwell, it’s a great reference and has fab photos too. There are heaps of sections too Eg,Chain stitches, Feather stitches, Couching stitches, Smocking…. I could go on but!!!!

Basically I think this books going to keep me going a while!


 Here’s a feather pincushion in the making!


 And another…..


 And another……


 And another feather……


And a lazy daisy…..



Do you love it?!?!?!?

And to think all this is from the stash! A small part but I think I can mark this as stash busting!

Anyways I’m off to enjoy the lovely weather, Have a fabulous Sunday everyone.



Solely Sewing Giveaway #1 Cross stitch Nefertiti


**Waves & Smiles**

So since moving, I have had time to evaluate my craft hoard stash. I’m going to stock up the shop with FQ’s and other bits and bobs, I’m also going to host a sewing pattern swap, but I thought I would have a couple of giveaways.

First up is a Nefertiti cross stitch project I was intending to do….. But alas no, I have started it a whole 2 rows, I think someone else should finish it!!


So here she is


I love her, but I think when your a hoarder crafter like me, you have to chose your crafts wisely. I am a sewist & a crocheter, so this beauty has to go to a new home!!


 She comes with all floss….


Chart and a needle


So what to you think?!?!?!

Is this a lady you’d love to be stitching?!?!?!


So the boring bit

Who can enter???


This is a worldwide Giveaway!!!

What do I do to enter

You can have up to 3 entries


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For every entry please leave a comment

If you already follow then comment letting me know

This giveaway will be open till

Wednesday 10th July 12 noon

Good luck and I hope to see you all soon!!