Tweedy you say!

Hello everyone how are you all?
I’ve been busy adulting over here and I realised I should blog. I mean is it really adulting if I don’t boast about it a bit, So here goes….. DRUMROLL PLEASE

I have kept my 3 humans alive and the dog too!

My adulting is on point! Can I hear a hell yeah!

I very much have my sewjo back and could not be happier. Sewing really is my free therapy, so what have I been sewing. Its been alterations galore and i fuigured id share my tweedy adventures of which there are two….

First up my friends petite River Island Tweedy Jacket, she grabbed it for £35 in the sale but the back seam had split and it required saving!

I opened up the hem lining and went for a forage and found the damage inside, I have to say i was shocked at the quality of workmanship inside.

No finishing on the seam at the centre back where the split was and the interfacing was no more than 1/2 inch on each side.

I decided that the whole seam required reinforced so used a band of 3 inches approx in interfacing stitched the seam closed then zig zagged the edge to stop fraying. This will be a more durable seam. I then went to finish the garment by hand stitching the hem closed.

Although the jacket was a little neat when done my friend really is a petite and the jacket was never intended for closing. All in all a good job and test of skills.

Now on to these beauts, a pair of trousers I have to say I was a little jealous of as they are just lush. Fantastic quality and the fabric well I’ll let the photos talk for themselves!

I turned the hem by 5 inches and was also asked to make belt loops. I’m thankful there was enough from the hem to make 5 belt loops. I’m glad I had my loop turner!

She was very happy with the outcome as was I. I have to add that I just love working with this fabric.

I have so many projects to share so shall be all up in your feed for a while!


~ Solely Sewing

Solely Sewing plus 3!

Hi there peeps, so we are in the end of November 2018 already…. Yeah how did that happen!? I reckon readjusting to being a Mummy of 3 has helped a little with that, They grow up to very quick! I am now a Mummy of an 11 year old, Nearly 10 year old and our latest addition at nearly 2 year old. We must not forget our wee dexter too! Its been a whirlwind and I wouldnt change a thing… being a mummy really is the best gift!




That being said I’m so very happy to announce that Solely Sewing is very much up and running again, and now that I have fixed my chromebook (little decided it was drum!) And cant wait to share all my sewing adventures, I have got better at taking photographs to share with you, and I believe that this is going to be broken in to a couple of posts!


So, I have been flat to the mat with alterations and make do and mends. I do love problem solving and people so Hey, Hey I’m on to a winner! It’s amazing how much doing this has given me fresh eyes…. I am more than Mummy & Mummy brain has subsided. Little is now over a year and a half so I may have taken my time about that!

So what have I been altering? I have so many to share, so here goes…

This is Miss R. Mother of the Bride!

This Dress was just lovely, but needed to have the sleeves taken in, all 7 layers of skirt taken up and a sway back adjustment.






I have to say not only was Miss R amazing to work with.. So was her divine dress!

I shall keep this post as is for now and sign off. I know I have so much to share but I need to keep the posts… Well not essays!

It’s great to be back and I’ll see you in the next post.



Whilst we were gone…

We added a new addition, everyone meet Adam! Myself and his brothers are just so very happy, he has completed our wee family.

So we are now Traci plus 3 and Our Dexter and we couldn’t be happier.

It’s been too long, I now have so much to share creative wise. but I wanted to show you all our brand new family portrait first.

I have also started a Cosmetics & Skin Care company whilst away but I feel that this may be a separate blog?!?

So this was a quick post just to touch base and say.. We are here and we are back in business with a couple of additions.

We hope you are joining us on our journey.

Traci +3 & a Dog.

It’s been 2 years!

Good morning!

So as the title says it’s been 2 years…. Since I last crocheted. And I have to say I have missed it now that I have picked up the hook again!

Me and the boys were in the local £1 store the other day, we picked up a few bits and bobs. And I noticed they had wool, 3 50g balls of double knit for £2. I figured why not…. It’s been a while since I done any sofa crafting. 

So I picked up these 3 colours, I’ve been admiring the African Flower pattern for quite some time there are so many things can be done with each hexagon. 

I had to pick up a new hook…. It’s been some time so I picked up a 3.5mm hook instead of the suggested 4mm hook. And I still have to decide if I’m a fan of the silicone handle to be honest! The shape and feel seems odd!

And off I went…. I have to say I’m happy with my first attempt. My counting is off on one side but I am bitten by the bug again! I forgot how addictive and relaxing crochet really is. The tutorial I used is very user friendly. And I can’t wait to make more. 

Question for you peeps…. are you a fab of the colour combination I have used? I’m unsure neon pink and peach work together! 


Working away offline.

Hi there everyone,

I’m using my app at the minute, sorry if the placement ain’t quite right! I personally prefer centered text..

So I’ve been sewing away offline as ever. To be honest it’s mostly alterations, which I love so I certainly can’t complain…

There have been cuffs in need of some TLC and a little lengthening required. This was an easy mend to be honest. I went in through the lining for a lovely finish. Good old ladder stitch made for a good finish.

These cuffs were in need of the same job, just not as much lengthening. There will be a time left in these jackets now.


With summer upon us there is lycra being thrown about! Can I ask…. Is anyone a fan of sewing with this fabric?

That being said, this alteration only required the crotch taken up. And the snap fasteners to be removed. No pain there really!

This bikini was a cross over catastrophe to be honest! Who wants the tan lines or the strain… I then shotrend the strap to make a simple halter neck.

There were a few seams that needed restitching. This bikini cost more than I would like to mention! I feel the construction left so much to be desired! I feel it’s awful big companies can get away with so much, the name doesn’t carry quality workmanship.

So I have heaps more alterations to post about. But I’ll break my posts down!

Have you guys been upto much alterations or mends? I do love to see what everyone else it up too!


Stash busting.


So I’ve started to look at my fabric stash, let’s be honest we all have one! My friend asked me ro run up a dog bed. We can buy one up town for £5… We all know they don’t last!


It was a good stash busting project and it’s durable too. I used a heavy weight fabric and the filler from the bed my friends puppy destroyed! Waste not want not.