It’s been 2 years!

Good morning!

So as the title says it’s been 2 years…. Since I last crocheted. And I have to say I have missed it now that I have picked up the hook again!

Me and the boys were in the local £1 store the other day, we picked up a few bits and bobs. And I noticed they had wool, 3 50g balls of double knit for £2. I figured why not…. It’s been a while since I done any sofa crafting. 

So I picked up these 3 colours, I’ve been admiring the African Flower pattern for quite some time there are so many things can be done with each hexagon. 

I had to pick up a new hook…. It’s been some time so I picked up a 3.5mm hook instead of the suggested 4mm hook. And I still have to decide if I’m a fan of the silicone handle to be honest! The shape and feel seems odd!

And off I went…. I have to say I’m happy with my first attempt. My counting is off on one side but I am bitten by the bug again! I forgot how addictive and relaxing crochet really is. The tutorial I used is very user friendly. And I can’t wait to make more. 

Question for you peeps…. are you a fab of the colour combination I have used? I’m unsure neon pink and peach work together! 



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