Bernie’s jacket

So my friend needed her rain coat shortened I am semi proud of the outcome so I thought I would share!!!! Firstly I ripped out the sleeves, then I ripped out a bit of the lining at the top of the arm pulled the sleeve through the whole, then pinned the arm at the desired length sewed it…..
This bit turned out great!!!!!
……….. But this bit well I reckon it should have turned out better, but oh well……
The oil cloth did not like to go in straight lines as I found out. So all in all it was a job sort of well done….. More practice is required. Maybe interfacing should have been used ( to remover after) and a longer stitch used!!!!
if you have any tip’s they will be gratefully received!!!!!

My creative space ~ Tea cozy

In my creative space this week is a lovely wee tea cozy for my wonderful granny mattie she is a big part of my world i love her very much, she is about to move house and i thought i would help her with her kitchen decoration after i seen this pattern in sew magazine……. I have recently found this mag and LOVE it. i have now been buying it for about 5 months it’s a fairly new mag but if your a crafty person it’s defo for you

I recently found a fabric shop in called mission hall quilts it’s a charity based shop that is well for crafty people but quilter’s especially it has such a good variety of cotton’s and I’m a lover or bargain bin’s sale’s etc and this is where I found this lucky cat fabric!!!!! It is designed by hoodie’s collection for blank quilting 2008

the pin’s are a fav of mine’s as well they are wee heart’s!!!! I bought these on eBay and i like to use them when I a making something for someone I love cheezy yes but I am ever the sentimental.
please do come back to see my finished product!!! I am new to blogging but I reckon I’m gonna love it!!!!!!