Abakhan Fabrics Sewing Seams for £15


Oh BOY, is this a overdue post or what!!

As some of you may know I am MEANT to do a monthly Sewing Seams For Fifteen (SSFF) I won’t embarrass myself by saying how long this post has been in the making!!

If your new to my SSFF, This (From now on)  is a monthly show and tell, on making lovely things for £15, may that be something for me, my boys, Mr.P or my home. I will have all the links if you fancy a go too… Abakhan Fabrics have a fab online shop, and deliver everywhere! If you have a shop near by I suggest you save your sewing pennies and just dive in!


Anyways enough of all that!!!

On to the juicy sewing stuff!

I chose a pair of shorts, I NEVER sew for me so this was a fun…


So here we are… Do you like the linen?!?! I love the shade &  the weave is fantastic..


I have to say I am a massive fan of Kwik Sew Patterns, their pattern paper is so  durable, Have you used them before??

SSFF #3 4 003

 I had lots of fun picking up the facings with this project… I stopped in my tracks when I seem this, How cute is it!!!

nOW 007

I done this part on holiday hence the non overlocked edge & blurry photo (my phone)

nOW 013

I loved the pattern from the start, but these pockets are just lush, They are deep enough for stuff not to fall out!

nOW 022

And look at the detail on this corner, isn’t it just divine!

Zip detail Kwik sew shorts

And a zip shot!!

Zip view Kwik sew shorts

And another!!!

SSFF Kwik sew shorts 012

And here we are all sewn up…. Do you see the facings there, it’s the same fabric as the pockets but in a differnt colour way! I am such a fan… I’ve even kept the teeny tiny scraps JUST in case I can use them for something!

SSFF Kwik sew shorts 013

Here’s the front view. They are a great length, I have to say some of the shorts that are out at the mo are TERRIBLE….. I mean do you really have to see so much of the bottom!! I feel old!

SSFF Kwik sew shorts 003

A close up of the darts!

SSFF Kwik sew shorts 006

Another Close up shot…. I’m a stickler for seams matching up, I think it’s because I used to be soooo bad at them!!!

SSFF Kwik sew shorts 018

And here is the lovely facing fabric again…. Do you love it?!?!? I like having a secret in my sewing and this totally hits the spot!

SSFF Kwik sew shorts 030

Did I say I loved the pockets already?!?!?!? That tiny squared off edge…. Just lush!

SSFF Kwik sew shorts 011

So that’s my SSFF #3

I have to say, I have a vague excuse for this taking so long to sew/post… I made a rookie mistake, I cut it a size too big, body dis-morphia or what!! So I lost my mojo when I was half way through.

Anyways, on to the numbers…

Kwik Sew K3614 



There is a few options, I was in store and got a meter for


6 inch zip


Hook and eye




TOTAL = £14.62

Not bad for a custom pair of shorts!!

(I have to edit here, the facing fabric was in my stash. But can be purchased here. A quarter meter would do it! )

Anyways, that’s Sewing Seams For Fifteen #3 done and dusted.

I promise you, me and Will, SSFF #4 is en-route!



Circle scarf Tah Dah!!!

Hello again!
I have been sewing away
To be precise!!
I bought this fabric from Abakhan’s last time I was over… It is so yummy and warm. I think it will go with everything, don’t you think?!?!?!
This is gonna be a fabric you’ll see a few times more…. I have made a tutorial for copying a pair of curtains. I now am planning a tutorial for a bow cushion!
I am gonna wait till this tummy bug leaves me though. I feel like I have washing machine for a tummy!
Anyways time to attempt a cuppa.

My latest fabric haul…. YUM YUM!!

Hello there how is everyone??
Here we are at another Monday… I am still a happy Monday person it has to be said. I here so many groaning about it but it’s the beginning of routine for me… I love a Monday morning.
Today’s post is all about my fabric haul over at Abakhans Fabric over in Manchester. Anyone who doesn’t mind TK Maxx or a good old rummage will adore this store there are so so many gems to be found. The first floor is all just wire baskets filled with cotton, linen, wool, dress fabric…. I could go on but I would really be here all day!! There is a section through the back that is filled with wool, patterns and heaps more it.s a feast for any avid sew-er or wool lover!!!
Upstairs is more fabric but this is all on the bolt…. This is where all the patterns are, with a large button collection, more ribbon than you can shake a stick at.. I think if I had no kids with me I could easily spend a day here just rummaging!!!
So on to my haul…
This is for some girlie pram rag quilts!!
This is for some boy pram rag quilts
This may be rag quilts…. But it is very nice, it may go straight in to the stash (you know the oh dear will I cut it or not pile!!)
this is so a quilt!!
And again!!!!
And again….!!!
This is going to be a fleece lined circle scarf… And an extra one for Christmas pressies!!
This is gonna be a top… Have you seen the freebie on Coletterie site?!?!!? I think this would be lovely in this fabric… Think this pattern is gonna be a fave!!!
This is gonna be a linen skirt…. I have to find the pattern, But I reckon I have heaps in the stash!! This is gonna be my Christmas day outfit!
This is for a top…. Also for Christmas day!!
This has no purpose as of yet, but it has St Patricks written all over it!!!
So what do you think of that for a haul????
FAB FAB I say!!!
I have another post to write not so…. see you in a min!!! Hope you’ve enjoyed my haul. I plan on sewing tonight so will have a actual sewing thing to show you!!!

Accuquilt Rag quilt Agogo!!!! Tips/Tutorial

Good morning peeps…
Another Monday has come ALREADY. How did that happen!! I think kids make time disappear!! Talking of my boys…. We are officially in school/nursery FULL-TIME can I hear a WOOP WOOP!!!!! Very happy mummy right now. I now have time to make me a little rota of craft that will hopefully turn in to a wee business.
Well on to my rag quilt Tada!! As you know I have been playing with my Go cutter…. I am in love this is a fantastic gadget to have if you have a passion for quilting, your cutting time is minimal and you can get right down to the fun stuff QUILTING!!!!!
So as you can see I’ve been busy cutting & cutting away.. The mat has taken quite a battering. I’m so glad they are available in the UK. And for £9.20!!
There was alot of prep for the perfect rag square…
I have but 2 bits of tape on my sewing machine plate.. 1. ~ at the 1cm mark 2. ~ at the back so you can line up the corners. and there was no need for a 3rd as the mark is just at the edge of the foot plate at the front!! People may find this all a but too much but it does make for the “perfect” square.
Another couple of tips….
1. ~ When quilting the squares, I have been doing a backward stitch just to secure, I have from the corner done – 2 stitches forward 1 back then stitched to the opposite corner… And then done 2-3 backward stitch. The reason for the 1 back stitch at the start, is the stitch length is longer!! It messes up the perfect~ness!!
2. ~ If you are worried about sewing a “perfect” cross (for the quilting of rag square) then finger press at the beginning of each stitch!
So what do you think?!?!?
The owl fabric is from Abakhan Fabrics Manchester store. I love love it so very quirky and very me!! If you live near a Abakhan Fabric store you should defo head in for a visit.. It’s a one stop shop… Me and the boys are heading over to Manchester for a holiday this weekend. I will be in for a wander!! If your like me and don’t have a store near you why not check out their new Delivery section.
Well I’m off on my secret mission… All will be revealed on Wednesday.

Abakhan Fabrics ~ Sewing Seams For Fifteen #2

Well hello there peeps…
How is everyone’s Sunday going?? We are happy here at chez Traci, It’s a very lazy Sunday for sure!!
This post has been a long time coming (Sorry Will)
So here it is “Sewing Seams For Fifteen” #2
What’s it all about I hear you say, well it’s all about making a garment or 2 for £15 or under… And all from the same place.. The ever Inspiring Abakhan Fabrics, they have a wealth of fabrics, patterns, habredashery, woolly good~ness
This month we are making a lovely top with ruffles…. I need those ruffles, so yummy and made with charmeuse, they scream luxuary!!!
This is the first time I have ever used Charmuse befor and it was not as scary as people were making out if I am honest…. I done alot of reaserch and toilet roll seems to be the answer!!!!
This is THEE ruffles front view with the flash…
And side view in overcast natural light!!
This is a button I would never go for it normally, But on this occassion it defo suits the pattern and fabric!!
This is the side view, sorry about the overcast pics!!
Now on to the clutch…
This pattern wasn’t with the simplicity top pattern, BUT there are so so many tutorials out there. I found a couple I liked and used a little of both.. Here & here….. I added a few beads too just to add a bit of WoW!!
This was a good tip from Kill them with craftiness… It makes a great neat finish!
My lovely JEM at work…. JEM is my new sewing machine and she’s a Janome, I have always had a Brother machine. My mind may have been changed though, I have found a love for the… Purring noise you could call it that my JEM has.. She has limited stitches but hey I can sooo work with that… I mean if I get to grips with my overlocker I may not need another machine for some time yet!!!
Anyways things I learnt during this long winded project… I found that sandwiching the toilet roll in between your fabric (I forgot to take a pic) makes the fabric way easier to control, Starch defo helps with the cutting proces.. And last but by no means least if you plan to use intefacing, then defo use SEW-IN it leaves you with a much better finish…. I found that Gertie has some fab tips… You should defo read the comments too!!
So what do I need to make this fab duo??

You need to head on over to

And pick up the following (or similar if sold out)
Simplicity pattern 1831 ~ £3.44
Charmuse fabric (2x=) ~ £6.50
Enclosed Zip ~ £1.15
Nylon lining ~ £1.09
Total £14.70!!
With a whole 30 pence to spare!!!

How’s that for looking fab for under 15 quid!!!!

Just as a wee foot note…
 3 things I’m loving over at Abakhan Fabrics
1 ~ They have added a new delivery section so there are way less people being left out!
2 ~ There is now a swimwear & Lingerie section!
3 ~ The also now stock Kwick Sew patterns too!

Well that’s instalment #2

Let me know what you think peeps… Of this post and of the site, a little constructive criticism goes a long way!

Happy Sunday


Abakhan Fabrics, Sewing Seams for 15

Hello there peeps….
So this post has been in the pipe line for to long, why you ask? Life and Laundry is why!
I was approached by the lovely Abakhan Fabrics, and asked if I would like to write for their news section on their site… I have to say I was so excited to be contacted… I mean me!!!! Anyways on to the nitty gritty.
I will be writing a post once a month called…. Drum roll please!
“Sewing Seams For 15”
The idea is for just £15, yes fifteen pounds, you can make a garment/outfit for you or yours, whatever takes your fancy! I will be making a garment/outfit every month, hoping to give you inspiration by the bucket load… I mean if I can do it, YOU most certainly can too!
So for my first SSFF (Sewing Seams For 15) I wanted to get straight in to making something for my boys. I always find that sewing for men and boys can have it’s challenges… I mean finding a pattern worth it’s salt is hard enough!
So when I came across this wee bute, I thought right this is the one. It’s not a everyday jacket I know, but I thought it was very “cool” not to sure if I’m showing how not up with the kids I am saying that, I think it’s all “sweet” & “ream” now!!!
 I am very happy with the collar, I reckon it turned out well… There was alot of basting which I found time consuming but alas look it’s crisp indeed!!
 The buttons came from my stash, I was not to sure to begin with because I had a wooden set in the frame but … I think that these turned out perfect!!
 I love the linen… Looks so fresh!
Check out them seams!!!
They match!!!
(even if they do need a little press, the trials of working with linen!!)
So on to my wee model shoot!
This months model is my Finn…
Our rainy photo shoot!!!
What a smile!!
The trousers were just the right length…
They are oh so very comfortable I’m told!
I have to say I had so much fun with this challenge, I done alot of research for it and I have a few helpful links to share with you, I am so a visual learner so these would have helped me when I first started sewing, and a great refresher for me now!
*Working with linen ~ Fantastic with more links
*Sewing curved pockets ~ Simple but great tip
*Sewing a vent ~ It’s for a skirt but a great visual
 So on to the numbers huh!!!
~ Pattern 
Age 1y-4y
1 Meter
(with some left to stash!)
1 Meter
(with 3/4 left over for stashing)
 3 x 1 meter
(You will only use 1.5 meters so 1.5 for the stash!)
~ Buttons
x4 metal anchors @ £0.36 = £1.44

TOTAL £15 exactly!

So there’s my first instalment of
“Sewing Seams For 15”
I hope you guys have enjoyed reading as much as I have enjoyed sewing/writing it….. Any questions comments or suggestions, I would love to hear them in the comments below, I read and answer all. Just check back later on. I hope to see you all back next month.

This was a sponsered post

Abakhan Fabric


Growing some more stash From Abakhan Fabrics Manchester!

So like the title says….. I’ve been stash building not busting!!
Oh dear! I don’t feel to bad about it though (said like a true fabric junkie) It was all a bargain and all bar one piece of cotton has a purpose!

I got it all from Abakhan Fabrics Manchester… They are a bargain hunters galore. It is the first shop I’ve seen that does fabric by the kg and not the meter/yard.They have so many stores but sadly none in Ireland!!

They also have a fantastic Website that I have to say is very people friendly.

They have regular giveaways on their Facebook page.

I have to give a big thank you too Fiona of The Sewing Directory. She was as always very helpful if you have any sewing needs she should be your first port of call.

Now on to my lovely wee buys today….

I’m loving that the boys can choose their own fabric now makes for more enjoyment when sewing and the boys are so proud that mummy made it… It makes me smile so much!
Finn chose this for a wee t-shirt/Pj’s
Frazer chose this for the same job!
This is for me to make some t-shirts from Burda.
This cotton is more lime than the picture shows…. It has no purpose YET but I couldn’t leave it!!
I know it’s a little early for Xmas buying but this has bunting written all over it!!
Another early Xmas buy but look at those reindeer… Too cute this will be a fab skirt.
This here is gonna be a lush quilt… Now HONESTLY do you think these will go well together?!?!? I love them but I am a tiny bit unsure… Unleash your inner thoughts peeps!!
The boys seen this and gave the expected MUMMY LOOK scream, so it was a given for the buy pile!!
One more BIG up from me to Abakhan is their Bargain bags Approx 30 meters for only £14.99.

Basically I love Michael Abakhan Fabric, If you don’t know it… Then get to know it!!!

That’s my gushing over..

Hope all you fabric junkies have fun!!