Growing some more stash From Abakhan Fabrics Manchester!

So like the title says….. I’ve been stash building not busting!!
Oh dear! I don’t feel to bad about it though (said like a true fabric junkie) It was all a bargain and all bar one piece of cotton has a purpose!

I got it all from Abakhan Fabrics Manchester… They are a bargain hunters galore. It is the first shop I’ve seen that does fabric by the kg and not the meter/yard.They have so many stores but sadly none in Ireland!!

They also have a fantastic Website that I have to say is very people friendly.

They have regular giveaways on their Facebook page.

I have to give a big thank you too Fiona of The Sewing Directory. She was as always very helpful if you have any sewing needs she should be your first port of call.

Now on to my lovely wee buys today….

I’m loving that the boys can choose their own fabric now makes for more enjoyment when sewing and the boys are so proud that mummy made it… It makes me smile so much!
Finn chose this for a wee t-shirt/Pj’s
Frazer chose this for the same job!
This is for me to make some t-shirts from Burda.
This cotton is more lime than the picture shows…. It has no purpose YET but I couldn’t leave it!!
I know it’s a little early for Xmas buying but this has bunting written all over it!!
Another early Xmas buy but look at those reindeer… Too cute this will be a fab skirt.
This here is gonna be a lush quilt… Now HONESTLY do you think these will go well together?!?!? I love them but I am a tiny bit unsure… Unleash your inner thoughts peeps!!
The boys seen this and gave the expected MUMMY LOOK scream, so it was a given for the buy pile!!
One more BIG up from me to Abakhan is their Bargain bags Approx 30 meters for only £14.99.

Basically I love Michael Abakhan Fabric, If you don’t know it… Then get to know it!!!

That’s my gushing over..

Hope all you fabric junkies have fun!!



4 thoughts on “Growing some more stash From Abakhan Fabrics Manchester!

  1. The fabrics for boys were great I actually put 3 Cottons back… It was hard but had to leave with some money to get home!!! LOL Have fun when you get over, it's a treasure trove for fabric feinds!!!

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