Shopping in Mandors Edinburgh

So whilst in Edinburgh for my brief visit, I managed to get a little fabric shopping done…. I went to Mandors which is pricey enough, but you get what you pay for I say!
I love the under construction fabric, I think it will be brilliant for little tote bags for the boys, and a little quilting too! The black and white graffiti fabric is a heavier cotton, it was a remnant and I’m not sure on it’s purpose yet, but it has the cogs turning for sure! As for the tartan bundles, I just couldn’t walk past them…. Just shows you how long I’ve not been home for huh!! I’m a tourist!!

This fabric was a total bargain at £5 a meter…. I love it, reminds me so much of home nostalgia is a strong incentive to buy fabric for me it would appear! I think this will be a crochet hook roll…

I know we should be nearing summer-ish weather soon, but both my boys are Harold the helicopter & Jeremy the jet plane mad, so this fabric will be put to great use at some point. As for my already coveted dolls…. I LOVE them I will be making the perfect tank top.

Till the next post have a great day