Creating a pattern from RTW

Hello there!

Happy Black Friday everyone!
How is everyone doing?!
Got that Christmassy feeling yet?!
I am totally there already, can’t wait to get the tree down this weekend!

So what have I been up to today?! Well I have been given the job of sewing up copy of a couple of lovely linen tops.



Pictured above is the first of the two! I have to say the construction of this is divine…. I am in awe!




All seams bar the arm holes are double turned. Leaving no room for error on the top stitch!





So after 4 hours of ripping out, yes 4 hours! I now have the sewing instructions noted down and the whole pattern cut out, with seam allowance added where required.


So here she is all ready for me to get sewing up on my new industrial machines at work tomorrow.

I have to say the only part I am going to struggle with is the pocket!





It’s my first time doing a pocket like this! Have you done one before?! Any tips welcomed in the comments.


So like I said earlier happy Black Friday! Is anyone doing a little shopping?! I headed straight over to the craftsy sale! and picked up 3 classes from my wish list…. I got the classes for £13.99 each! BARGAIN!!


Get a little Christmas shopping done for me I say! Are you a fan of craftsy? If not you should be! It’s a great way to learn at home, I have 2 kids and part time job to work round and this works great for me!

Let me know if you sign up for anything! I picked up a couture class as well as a couple of others!


* I am a Craftsy Affiliate (I only affiliate with company’s I have a genuine interest in)

My pattern cutting adventure

Hey there,

Just wanted to say hi, I’ve not disappeared! I’m still working from my phone, as my photos are on here.

I’m in the last few weeks of my Pattern Cutting Course, it’s all about tying up the ends and drafting my sketches now.

I have my 3 sketches down, a skirt, top and a dress. And I’m now drafting my skirt, I have class tomorrow and can’t wait…. It’s brilliant seeing my designs come to life!

There’s a lot of “Underpinning Knowledge” in my course, and I really just want to get on with the “Practical Activities” but the 2 go hand in hand!




I’m so happy to be nearing the end if the course, I can get down to the pattern making!


This is my skirt progress.. I’m on the last draft, my trio shall hopefully be me on my way to being a designer… Once I’ve got to grips with some software. Then I can offer PDF patterns!

Well I have a few posts to do so I’m off for a coffee!