My creative space 01.07.2010

Hello there lovely visitor’s :)))))
A little late today the pinning of a quilt take’s longer than expected!!!!
But I’m getting there now for the scary quilting bit!!!!!
This I shall practice tomorrow and will hopefully have something resembling a fab quilt by next week

My first pair of trousers well pj’s really…. From a up-cycled  bed sheet!!!!
There is another pair on the cutting table now :)))

And my labor of love Finn’s crochet blanket is coming along nicely half way there now!!!
I will be starting frazer’s as soon as I’m finished….

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Fabric from france

So today I have some exciting news
my most beautiful friend lili came back from her visit home in Paris and came to my back yard I was on the computer Finn began shouting “amme amme lady lady” to everyone else this means “mummy mummy lili lili”
She came with this lovely little bag…..
marches de pierre dreyfus
It would appear to be the place sewer go for just a little bit of heaven
lili said she had the best time she spent the day with her mother & sister touching all the lovely fabric’s….. Also her mum told her she used to sew which she never knew!!!! lili actually thanked me she felt she had learned new thing’s about her mother and had a fab day…. Her sister picked the purple fabric and I have to say I actually adore it, her sister will be over in 3 weeks and has been kind enough to offer to bring me some more over :))))
So I do believe that this is now in my list of places to go… I mean all those floors all that fabric
And look at that and that’s only part of one floor!!!!!
Apparently there’s the loveliest little man who operates the lift and he said to fit right in with his 1950’s surrounding’s…So peep’s I hope you enjoyed this post as much as I did and I’ve helped you stumble upon a gem!!!!And thanx lovely lili!!!


My creative space 23.06.10

It has been 3 weeks since my last creative space
chez Traci has been a hard work of late
I am pleased to say that I am feeling like I have a grip on things again
and have found my blogging fingers and the crafty one within is looking to burst out and do stuff!!!!!!
This is my pt 1 of my sew along over at kelly’s
I have fallen behind but am now rearing to go!!!!
This is my vintage lace crochet from the lovely fuoriborgo
she has been kind enough to share this rescued pattern
her blog is well worth a look!!
I am hoping when I get the whole of upstairs tidied up I find this again….. As I appear to have misplaced it 😦 wish me luck!!!!!
This is my vintage stripped blanket from bella dia for Finn’s cot bed
And a close up!!!!!
And I saved the best till last….. This is my very own granny snugly shrug from our host kirsty…..
I have to say I feel this maybe the first of many

So fancy seeing more crafty goodness
head on over to kirsty’s


My creative space 02.06.10

Hellooooo there so it’s very very busy here at
handmadehappiness aka Traci’sSo as for moi saying “no new projects for me”
You can blame our lovely host kirsty as I have started her fab fab granny shrug
And here it is in all it’s snugly loveliness!!! I am using “Wendy viva” and a 12mm hook I’m in love I may have to make more than one snugly


And my quilt well here’s the top with border
I even got the back done tonight I have been blessed by the crafty god’s
I will make it for the show and tell over at obsessively stitching
This is my Bella blanket for Finn

And this this is a fab sew-along beginning for this bag set over at kelly’s
she’s so worth a look

So peep’s what have you been up to this week????

Check out more crafty folks over at kirsty’s and have a go of her lovely granny shrug


My finki may challenge…..

so this months challenge over at finki was

27. indigenous Australia

and that was enough inspiration for me i

i used the same technique that i used for my orna bag….

thank you so much orna from over at mission hall

i am loving that i actually managed to do the circle!!!!

so a big thanx to

for holding this fab challenge


for giving me the know how

i have totally enjoyed this months challenge as i also now know a little more about my abilities & indigenous Australia

want to know more?!?!?!?