My creative Christmas stocking-athon!!!

So today’s creative space is all about stock and stockings….
It’s a bit of a conveyor belt, but it’s only 4 days till I’m meant to be you know open and running!!!
You can have a wee sneak peek over to the right, if you fancy!!

I’m thinking I might just look a bit bare to begin with but It’s a start!!
But my stockings are well on their way….

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Christmas Stocking pattern done

By the title you may think big deal huh……
I was of the thinking the very same, a quick scribble would have done it!!!!
More the fool me, this lovely stocking….Took me an 1h 15mins to get semi right…..
I still think i need to shorten the foot bit & thin it out too????
I’m fishing for an opinion there!!!
Constructive criticism welcome…..

I really wanted to make a stocking that had a nod towards vintage… With the slightly pointed toe & a bit of a heel too it. Reckon it should stand out from all the straight rounded toes out there!!!!

Well I’m off to start stitching in the ditch!!!!
Wish me luck


Amended – I have decided to shave a 1/2 inch off the foot…. It has made all the difference

My lining found

Running a little late tonight ……
That has been my calling for the last few days huh!!
I have eventually made a decision on the lining for my dress….. Those who know me will not be surprised, that it shall of course be purple!!! I think it will look brill!!

Also the postman brought me my lavender today, so I can get on with making my lavender hearts.


Todays creative space!!

We’re early this week huh!!!

This weeks creative space is a bit of everything…..

A coat muslin – On the back of the chair there
A Xmas tutorial – Up front
A quilt – behind Adam AKA the sewing machine
More crayon rolls – Beside the sewing machine

I have to say I am super proud of myself for eventually getting my ass in to gear… see the pin board there above Adam…. I have been meaning to put him there for at least say 2-3 months!!!! I am patting my self on the back right now!!!

And am about to go drink that hot coffee sans the kids in bed :o) Which means this amme AKA mummy can sew!!!

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How to make a fabric Yo-Yo with NO tool

Hey there peeps….
I just wanted to run through, how to make a Yo-Yo with no tool, as for my upcoming tutorial you shall have to make a few of them!!REQUIREMENTS
– Fabric
-A cup
-A fabric pen
-Needle & thread
-Button/bead/bow optional

Draw around your cup & cut leaving a approx 1/4 inch…
Now double up your thread knot the end,
With the wrong side facing you,
Fold your 1/4 inch down using your pen-mark as a guide,
Still with me?!?!?!?!
Now you want to from the wrong side, do a running stitch until……


You reach the first stitch again….

You want to go through this stitch again, and have both threads on the wrong side…
Double click for a closer look…
Pull both thread ends tight and trim, leaving a good length,
Now give your yo-yo a wee tug here and there,
Till your happy with the way it looks,
Re-thread your needle, and go through the centre….
And fasten off at the back…. Then Ta-Dah your done!!!
Why not add a button????
(this will be required if the upcoming tutorial!!)
The possibilities are endless!!!!If you have a clover Yo-Y0 tool, and are unsure how to use it here is a fab tute!!

Please do leave feed back was this a easy tute???
I aim to help not hinder!!!