Christmas Stocking pattern done

By the title you may think big deal huh……
I was of the thinking the very same, a quick scribble would have done it!!!!
More the fool me, this lovely stocking….Took me an 1h 15mins to get semi right…..
I still think i need to shorten the foot bit & thin it out too????
I’m fishing for an opinion there!!!
Constructive criticism welcome…..

I really wanted to make a stocking that had a nod towards vintage… With the slightly pointed toe & a bit of a heel too it. Reckon it should stand out from all the straight rounded toes out there!!!!

Well I’m off to start stitching in the ditch!!!!
Wish me luck


Amended – I have decided to shave a 1/2 inch off the foot…. It has made all the difference


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