Rae rae rae how do you like it how do you like it?!?!?!?

So this is where it all began!!!! This lovely lovely rose, I just love it 🙂

the colour is so spring summer, vintage like , it want’s to be touched but you dare not it’ll fall apart!!!
I seen on a blog i was following that Rae was having a top challenge and jumped at the chance…. I say jumped it took for ever to find the fabric…
but when I did I moved all the clutter in my sewing room to the side see last post!! And got to work on my pattern……
I knew straight away what had to be done!!!!! :)))))
So pattern drawn now the scary bit have faith in myself and cut the bloody fabric!!!!
Pin it and sew……. That done I have to say I wore the top today with may a compliment was given and 2 lady’s I know asked me to make them one too!!!!! :))))
The brooch is made from my stash of ribbon and lace as well as a broken and much loved chain….. the button is from my granny matties collection….
The keyhole idea came from the rose…. being round!!!! And I really wanted to do kimono style sleeves as that’s what the rose made me think about …..
All in all I am very proud of my first ever top design I believe it turn out better than i thought it would ……
I have to thank my friend Sharon for putting up with me saying dose this look good does this look good let me see!!!!! She caught this pic best I reckon
many thanxIF I GET INTO THE TOP 60?!?!?!?!?




My creative space: 29/4/2010

I’m a bit late today was first last week!!!! but I’ve been busy on my Rae top which is now done just photo’s to get done & put up wish me luck!!!! please vote for me!!!!
In my creative space this week I have a dress/tunic “made in Thailand” that i found for £3.99 in a second hand shop. and a pattern that i had in the bottom drawer…..
This is project 2….. linen i found in the same “shopping” trip!!! and for £2.75 🙂 I am making this wee bag a free tutorial too :)))

And this here is my sewing room or what will be when I get is fixed !!!!!
(and a sneak peek at my elephants)

Bow about that for a “NEED TO STASH BUST”……….

So this week I have made a start in the tidying up of my lovely room

I just hope I get a bit further than putting thing’s in basket’s!!!!!

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Rae so far!!!!

So my Rae top challenge….
Yes the closing date is the 30th…… Yes of this month…… Yes 3 day’s away
Now I have it I know what I am to do!!!!
This has always been the inspiration
It’s from a lovely bunch of roses I got for mothers day
This is my sketch I’m not the best at drawing but the picture is clear in my mind!!!
This is the fabric
This is my brooch
all is from my stash!

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Fast & fabulous Tissue holder

So this is a quick tutorial I found over at verypurple sooo good for using up your scrap’s and it has kept me sewing !!!!! I have promised myself I will sew or do something towards craftiness everyday ….
It took no time at all and I found it very rewarding!!!!! And I had a reason to bring out my much loved pinking shears!!!!

Pattern drafting first!

So in my creative space this week is a few thing’s…. I have Kristy’s creative space to thank for that because now I make time to sew !!! thanx 🙂
I managed to get this AND this done last week….. I even managed this too!!!!
So I feel this week I shall challenge myself!!!!!
this lovely fabric I got today as I have taken up Rea’s top challenge I better get a move on it closes on the 30th!!!!! But I know exactly what I’m going to do so…. Now I have to make the time…
This lovely little thing landed this morning from a lovely lady called Mary on eBay, I plan to cast off her start and give it a go I would love to be able to do my own trim on my tops 🙂
As part of ..my granny a day….. Or two I will be using attic24’s lovely and very easy to follow tutorial’s to learn more I hope to use this in future design’s also 🙂
And this I was given this evening by my mother in-law the lovely jean it’s not her’s!!!!! It’s her granddaughters, I hope I can get it sorted as it’s a fav I believe….well wish me luck
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My nappy pouch

Hey there well here it is Frazer’s nappy pouch, the pattern is from the lovely Lia over at Lia’s craft journey and what a journey she is having at the mo… She’s sold her first item, going to be featured on a blog somewhere’s basically she’s brill really go check her out she’s defo worth a read!!!
So I’ve been at this all day I had to get it up I’m so frigging happy with it and I have surprised myself I done it in a afternoon whilst having 2 lovely toddler’s at my feet!!!!
So as usual the breakfast table has become my sewing station, well cutting station anyways can you see my mannequin to the top right & my ironing board to the top left!!!! It is a perfect space
This is my beloved brother sewing machine and it’s sitting on my much loved horn hub sewing cabinet that i got for my birthday in November, it’s a god send or mark send he bought it!!!! I can now sew without fear of children wrecking my space!!!
So this is the finished pouch I used 1 blue fat quarter… Which meant it was smaller than Lia’s but i am meant to be stash busting!!! The lining is from my stash as well as all notion’s, this didn’t stop me buying the lovely outside fabric on Thursday from mission hall fabric’s in the lovely craft village 🙂 But it had a cause…. And I used it straight away, so I hope that I’m still on track!!!!
I added a bit for the spine just to break it up and to coordinate the inside and out I reckon it turned out well…..
I also added 2 D clip’s (which i took from a old set of curtain tie back’s) to close it up as I have a Mary Poppins bag!!!!
This is the outside isn’t the fabric to die for…… Thanx mission hall :0)
it’s from Robert Kaufman’s new range
So yeh all in all I’m very happy with my accomplishment today….. As I said earlier I have very much showed myself that I have the ability and time when I really want too

And a very big thanx to Lia for sharing her lovely pouch pattern


My creative space*** tea cozy done!!

OK so it took 2 – 3 week’s but here she is……
my granny Mattie’s tea cozy!!!!! i have to say i am oh so happy with the way it turned out i used all the materials/fabrics from my stash as a part in my stash busting (lite…… lite as i cannot help but buy stuff from second hand shops….. i reckon it’s OK just as i don’t buy from the fabric shop here!!!! it sounds like I’m trying to convince myself here and your right i am!!!!)

i got the pattern from sew magazine which i might add is fab if you like crafting it’s filled with many types of goodies & comes with the templates too!!!!!

i reckon my granny will be very happy with it & i hope she will enjoy it in her new house :]