My creative space: 29/4/2010

I’m a bit late today was first last week!!!! but I’ve been busy on my Rae top which is now done just photo’s to get done & put up wish me luck!!!! please vote for me!!!!
In my creative space this week I have a dress/tunic “made in Thailand” that i found for £3.99 in a second hand shop. and a pattern that i had in the bottom drawer…..
This is project 2….. linen i found in the same “shopping” trip!!! and for £2.75 🙂 I am making this wee bag a free tutorial too :)))

And this here is my sewing room or what will be when I get is fixed !!!!!
(and a sneak peek at my elephants)

Bow about that for a “NEED TO STASH BUST”……….

So this week I have made a start in the tidying up of my lovely room

I just hope I get a bit further than putting thing’s in basket’s!!!!!

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