My nappy pouch

Hey there well here it is Frazer’s nappy pouch, the pattern is from the lovely Lia over at Lia’s craft journey and what a journey she is having at the mo… She’s sold her first item, going to be featured on a blog somewhere’s basically she’s brill really go check her out she’s defo worth a read!!!
So I’ve been at this all day I had to get it up I’m so frigging happy with it and I have surprised myself I done it in a afternoon whilst having 2 lovely toddler’s at my feet!!!!
So as usual the breakfast table has become my sewing station, well cutting station anyways can you see my mannequin to the top right & my ironing board to the top left!!!! It is a perfect space
This is my beloved brother sewing machine and it’s sitting on my much loved horn hub sewing cabinet that i got for my birthday in November, it’s a god send or mark send he bought it!!!! I can now sew without fear of children wrecking my space!!!
So this is the finished pouch I used 1 blue fat quarter… Which meant it was smaller than Lia’s but i am meant to be stash busting!!! The lining is from my stash as well as all notion’s, this didn’t stop me buying the lovely outside fabric on Thursday from mission hall fabric’s in the lovely craft village 🙂 But it had a cause…. And I used it straight away, so I hope that I’m still on track!!!!
I added a bit for the spine just to break it up and to coordinate the inside and out I reckon it turned out well…..
I also added 2 D clip’s (which i took from a old set of curtain tie back’s) to close it up as I have a Mary Poppins bag!!!!
This is the outside isn’t the fabric to die for…… Thanx mission hall :0)
it’s from Robert Kaufman’s new range
So yeh all in all I’m very happy with my accomplishment today….. As I said earlier I have very much showed myself that I have the ability and time when I really want too

And a very big thanx to Lia for sharing her lovely pouch pattern



4 thoughts on “My nappy pouch

  1. thanx amesh i am so proud of it i planned to take a week to get both my “creative space” thing's done but here we are on Saturday night 🙂 might start upping the anti!!! thanx a million for the comment i love feedback!!!!

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