Pattern drafting first!

So in my creative space this week is a few thing’s…. I have Kristy’s creative space to thank for that because now I make time to sew !!! thanx 🙂
I managed to get this AND this done last week….. I even managed this too!!!!
So I feel this week I shall challenge myself!!!!!
this lovely fabric I got today as I have taken up Rea’s top challenge I better get a move on it closes on the 30th!!!!! But I know exactly what I’m going to do so…. Now I have to make the time…
This lovely little thing landed this morning from a lovely lady called Mary on eBay, I plan to cast off her start and give it a go I would love to be able to do my own trim on my tops 🙂
As part of granny a day….. Or two I will be using attic24’s lovely and very easy to follow tutorial’s to learn more I hope to use this in future design’s also 🙂
And this I was given this evening by my mother in-law the lovely jean it’s not her’s!!!!! It’s her granddaughters, I hope I can get it sorted as it’s a fav I believe….well wish me luck
And be sure to check out other creative spaces over at Kristy’s



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