Solely Sewing plus 3!

Hi there peeps, so we are in the end of November 2018 already…. Yeah how did that happen!? I reckon readjusting to being a Mummy of 3 has helped a little with that, They grow up to very quick! I am now a Mummy of an 11 year old, Nearly 10 year old and our latest addition at nearly 2 year old. We must not forget our wee dexter too! Its been a whirlwind and I wouldnt change a thing… being a mummy really is the best gift!




That being said I’m so very happy to announce that Solely Sewing is very much up and running again, and now that I have fixed my chromebook (little decided it was drum!) And cant wait to share all my sewing adventures, I have got better at taking photographs to share with you, and I believe that this is going to be broken in to a couple of posts!


So, I have been flat to the mat with alterations and make do and mends. I do love problem solving and people so Hey, Hey I’m on to a winner! It’s amazing how much doing this has given me fresh eyes…. I am more than Mummy & Mummy brain has subsided. Little is now over a year and a half so I may have taken my time about that!

So what have I been altering? I have so many to share, so here goes…

This is Miss R. Mother of the Bride!

This Dress was just lovely, but needed to have the sleeves taken in, all 7 layers of skirt taken up and a sway back adjustment.






I have to say not only was Miss R amazing to work with.. So was her divine dress!

I shall keep this post as is for now and sign off. I know I have so much to share but I need to keep the posts… Well not essays!

It’s great to be back and I’ll see you in the next post.



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