Solely Sewing Giveaway #1 Cross stitch Nefertiti


**Waves & Smiles**

So since moving, I have had time to evaluate my craft hoard stash. I’m going to stock up the shop with FQ’s and other bits and bobs, I’m also going to host a sewing pattern swap, but I thought I would have a couple of giveaways.

First up is a Nefertiti cross stitch project I was intending to do….. But alas no, I have started it a whole 2 rows, I think someone else should finish it!!


So here she is


I love her, but I think when your a hoarder crafter like me, you have to chose your crafts wisely. I am a sewist & a crocheter, so this beauty has to go to a new home!!


 She comes with all floss….


Chart and a needle


So what to you think?!?!?!

Is this a lady you’d love to be stitching?!?!?!


So the boring bit

Who can enter???


This is a worldwide Giveaway!!!

What do I do to enter

You can have up to 3 entries


This blog

My Twitter

My Facebook

For every entry please leave a comment

If you already follow then comment letting me know

This giveaway will be open till

Wednesday 10th July 12 noon

Good luck and I hope to see you all soon!!



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