My 1st free motion…

Hello there peeps…. so I have been busy sewing sewing sewing….
Firstly I have finished my “orna” bag for a friend johns wife, it’s a bit late but hey hey!! I do have to get a handle on my time management though!!! Well that or don’t leave it till the last minute!!
from this tutorial
As you can see I am a lot better in the last pic….. Well I see a difference anyways….


Things I have learned….

It’s not a thing I can rush, when I concentrate it looks way better!!
Use more pins to baste, as I have lots of wrinkles at the back,
Take breaks, staring for to long at the same thing is not for me!!!
Practice makes perfect….. I hope!!!!

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6 thoughts on “My 1st free motion…

  1. That was meant to be my job for today, but I baled and went furniture shopping(see blog)instead.
    I think you've done really well, did you where gloves?
    I went to my local shop and they didnt sell them and didnt advise I did either, but I aksed Christina and she said you can do it without, but to trust here, gloves make a massive differnce.
    What did you think?

  2. i think for the practice there is no need really there's no weight so nothing really to grip on too…. on a proper quilt then i would say they will be great as they are well bigger and heavier…. PS i bought gardening gloves out the pound store they do the same job xx away to read your blog now xx

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