Making Christmas stockings!

Good morning
How was everyones Halloween Holiday?? Me and the boys had a ball.. We had a little slip up on the pumpkin but that’s for another post!!
Today is all about the stocking
If been sorting out the stash… Can’t wait to get my hands on the glittery ric~rak!!
I have heaps of Christmas ribbon… If your looking for a good selection you should head on over to Seamstar, It’s a fab site very fresh and a feast for the eyes I say!!
This is the much loved Button stash…. Well a section of it anyway!! The wooden trees were from Annette’s Allsorts they are a mother daughter team…. They can also be found here, the site is very new but has some lovely items already. They are looking for talented sellers.. Is that you I wonder!!!
Nothing says Christmas like a bag of bell’s!! (I think these are from Dunelm Mill)
Add a few bow’s…. (Also Dunelm Mill)
And some bead’s…. Just to satisfy the newly found bead enthusiast I have become!!! (Another Dunelm Mill buy)
Now the fabric hoarder in me reveals itself….
Here is my stash of Christmas fabric!!!
So…. That’s the stash! I have started a few stockings already…
I’m thinking the linen gingham combo is looking well… 😀
Well it’s all about the pictures in this post, I have to dash off and get a 5mmcrochet hook and see what wool is inspiring me…. I’m thinking I need some new purple in my life to go with my royal blue!!
Till the next post

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