Simplicity 1621 – Muslin Vintage sheet

Hello again

I’ve just come back from a fitting with Mrs M

Simplicity 1621


It is for a wedding in August, and is going to be made in Bubblegum pink linen…


Isn’t it lovely…. I personally would never have chosen this colour, BUT I think it’s totally going to work with Mrs M. I think everyone knows what colour suits them. With the wool and button I’ve made a massive crochet flower….


What do you think?!?!?!?


So on to the muslin construction, I generally use vintage sheets to make up my muslin’s. They are pretty, and are easily bought from second hand shops AKA Thrift stores!


As ever, when i’m cutting out a pattern I take over the kitchen table! We all do that?!? RIGHT?!?!


A close up of the shoulder and sleeve.


The left shoulder….


The under arm seam and bust dart…..


The Hem…..


And here is Mrs M modelling the the font view….


And the back view…

So What alterations are required?!?! The pattern is cut out in a XL the bust darts are L and I have added 3/4 sleeves (They are from the jacket in the pattern) Due to the bust dart alteration, the shoulder straps are a mite too long also.

Next up

The real thing!



5 thoughts on “Simplicity 1621 – Muslin Vintage sheet

  1. Hi traci. I found your blog via the irish bloggers and the Abakhan twitter pages. I’ll be back to see how Mrs M’s outfit progresses. Thanks for sharing.
    Jean (

    • Hello there Jean, Thanx for stopping by 😀 I’ll be working on this over the next couple of days. good to know where your coming from too!! I know where my hits are coming from. Talk to you soon x

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  3. What if you took in 1/2 inch from the center back neck to the waist. It might help the shoulders sit closer to the neck and also pull some of that front wrinkle to the side seam…it is always worth pinning out and testing.

    • I’m meeting with her next week, I’ll pin the muslin and cut and pin the real thing… There’s a good 3/4 – 1 inch in the shoulder straps I reckon it was the bust alteration that caused it, The real thin is in a drapey linen.. I’m sure I will have a post shortly with the results!!

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