Hello there WordPress, Formally My Handmadehappiness


** Waves Fanatically**

So this is the first post on WordPress, how exciting.. Some of you will recognize the older posts, as this was My Handmadehappiness in a former life! It took a lot of head scratching but I have decided that I will only be posting about sewing from now on, there were a few bumps in the road concerning my boys.


Solely Sewing

Those who know me, know there will be a bit of crochet thrown in here and there! I figured I will have more time to sew and want to concentrate my posts on that. I’m hoping you will come along for the journey…. If you don’t know me, then pop on over to the ABOUT page and have a wee read! If you fancy saying hi then there’s a CONTACT page too.

To say I’m a little giddy about my new blog adventure is a understatement! I have a few posts that I’m rearing to write up BUT the Batteries have ran out on my camera but, I will be getting new ones today, and shall be on my merry way…

And because I don’t do posts with no photo’s! I have this to share, I was asked to make 5 custom cushions. Maths not being my strong point, I had the seam ripper out a couple of times on the 2-tone cushions..



There’s some of this lovely fabric left so I’m gonna make a couple for my friend, she’s doing up her living room!


The fabric is from IKEA and the customer said it was a total steal!



2 Replies to “Hello there WordPress, Formally My Handmadehappiness”

  1. Great name for your new blog Traci. Love the fabric on the cushions, IKEA is great for fabric most around £5-£7 a metre. I always get tempted whenever I’m there 🙂


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