Thee Sigourney Weaver “Zuul Dress” From Ghostbusters

Hey there,

How is everyone??

I’ve been busy working on a Halloween outfit for a friend, Mrs E is heading to a Halloween Ball. And was on the search for A specific dress….. Mr E is going as Mr Soft, Drum roll please

dum dum bang bang dum dum!!

(My drum roll!!)

Mrs E will go to the ball as Danna Barrett (Sigourney Weaver) whilst possessed by “Zuul the Gatekeeper of Gozer” in Ghostbusters.


I’ve had fun with this dress, it took a lot of rummaging trying to find the right pattern to alter.


I eventually went with this  vintage McCall’s 7356….This was a great dress pattern to based the dress on….


I altered the sleeves by making them longer, and making them more bat-wing/magyar in style.




The neckline was also made wider to make it more “off the shoulder”. I added extra organza to the neckline to act as a facing/bias tape which I hand stitched in place. 



I also made the bottom half of the dress a circle skirt to gain the drape, as the closest I could get in colour was organza, The lining is china silk lining….. I left a side slit in the skirt section, and used a rolled hem stitch to finish off the edge.

Zull Dress 002


A look inside!!


I have to say I CAN’T wait to see it on Mrs E…. It will be winging it’s way over tomorrow.

Are you making anything for Halloween??

I plan on lots of pumpkin carving and a watching the fireworks on the night…. Derry goes MAD at this time of year!! The boys keep changing their mind on what they want to be, vampire has been a firm fave for the last 3 days though!!


22 Replies to “Thee Sigourney Weaver “Zuul Dress” From Ghostbusters”

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  2. I know it is not Halloween season, but we are attending an 80s themed birthday party in a couple weeks. Do you make these to sell? Super fast?


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