Laura Ashley Alteration Tah-Dah!!!

Hey there peeps
Well that’s another Friday creeped up on us!! Where did the week go… I have had a week filled with sewing, school work and very little house work!!
As you know Friday night is movie night at chez Traci! Tonight the boys are opting for THOR, I’m loving that the boys are choosing actual movies and not cartoons! Gone are the days of iggle piggle! I wave them bye with much happiness, I never did see the educational reason for a show with a farting ship!!!! I mean come on!!
Anyways on to the alteration Traci your waffeling on……..
This alteration was for a Laura Ashley dress, The dress was for a petite lady….

I needed to shorten the shoulder straps by 2 inches……

I also had to drop the neck line at the back of the dress by say 1 inch, it would have been to high….

I then had to ladder stitch the arm hole closed again…

I then raised the hem with a ladder stitch by say 1.5 inches & the same with the lining..



All done….

I have to say I am enjoying the challenge of alterations… There is a element of problem solving that you just don’t get making curtains!!!! Talking of curtains, I have 1 pair to make, 1 to take up & then 1 pair to join together so I may get a wriggle on!!!



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