From Burda with love….!

Good morning peep…
Last night was all about the homework, for Accountancy & Book-keeping…. Turns out I LOVE numbers!! Really enjoying the challenge. I am bursting to get in to sewing class as last week was all about fixing their overlocker!!
I’m back to sewing a hooded jacket this week… I shall have lovely gathered pockets to show you tomorrow!
Anyways on to Burda Autumn issue 2012
LOVE LOVE LOVE But first, Here’s where i’m at with the kimono…

We are very nearly there now!!



Burda love…

This is stunning… The need for a underskirt is a definite

See what I mean about a underskirt!!

I’m loving this jacket… There is a shorter version that I have earmarked some wool for!!

This jacket is also a winner….

I’m asking Santa for a light box so that I can make all these lovelies a little easier!! Has to beat sellotaping patterns and paper to copy patterns!!

Well that’s all from me today…. I’m running late for class!!!



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