Sewing class with a vintage bonus… + winning the overlocker over!

Morning peeps

Well it’s another quickie but….. it is a very productive one! (I have my Accountancy course today)

I had said that my swing class was a little “relaxed” for my liking but I have to say I am sewing soooo much more at home… Which is defo a knock on effect, in a very positive manner!!!
I have managed to sort out the tension problem 😀 on the overlocker..
I’m well on my way with the lined pockets for my Amy Butler jacket…. I’m also making a new set of pj’s and attempting the placket… I normally omit this but I want to challenge myself!! I plan on blanket stitching on a bit of applique lettering too.


Now on to my fab fab new patterns…. These were given to me by my sewing teacher, She felt I would get a better use out of them!!! I just have to find a good soures for getting them sized right….

Do you have any good sources for re~sizing patterns?!?!!? I’m thinking Gertie might have all the answers!!

Till tomorrow peeps…
(more creative peeps here)

Today the to do list is massive sorry for the rush post!!




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