My creative space 06.05.10

hey there pep’s!!!
so i have a few things going on this week!!!!!
yes the same as last week OK!!!! but i did get my sewing-room done….
and my dress yes my tunic to dress worked out well ( i shall post it later today) the zip isn’t perfect but it’s all about practice and practice i shall…. i have joined the 12 month challenge this month and it’s all about zips!!! the little pouch well i never got that started but will attempt it this week!

also i have joined the 1st quilt ever now this is to be a labor of love so is a long term project…..

this fabric will be a knitting needle & crochet hook roll for me and granny mattie

i also plan to use old tee’s as pj bottoms for Frazer!!!

check out more creative people over here!!!



4 thoughts on “My creative space 06.05.10

  1. Great projects! Thanks so much for the quilt link…sounds exactly what I've been looking for…quilting for a newbie! Hope all is well 🙂

  2. I have tackled two zips in my lifetime and they still unreasonably scare the LIVING DAYLIGHTS out of me. Best of luck with that 12 month challenge…

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