Crocheted shamrock bunting & appliqué tie

Happy St Patricks Day peeps,

How is everyone?

We’ve had a fab day out and about up town in Derry. There’s been a great vibe about the place…. Even if it’s been raining all day long!

I done a bit of crochet to spruce up the window Shamrock bunting to be precise! (I’ll add the link to the pattern later, I’m posting from my phone!)


I used this lovely green Aran from my stash, with a 6mm hook…


Isn’t it cute…..


Here’s a wee close up for you!

I even managed to use up a bit if my fabric stash too… I decided rather than buying a bog standard shirt from up town, to make the boys a one of a kind!


I drew a wee tie template…..


Then let the boys choose the placement…..


Affixed it with the ever faithful bondaweb & iron…..


Then stitched it in place…..


The boys liked them… It’s great they love to have photos taken now!

So what do you think?!? Do you like them?!? Did you do anything nice today?!?



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