The vintage mint dress alteration

Hello there again,

So I think I’m going to march on with the phone blogging! I have so much to share, and am just too damn impatient to wait until l have sorted the computer problem rectified.

So what have I been up to today? Well another alteration, this time a sweet mint vintage floor length dress! I was asked to take the hem up by 15 inches and replace the zip. Again I forgot to take a before photo what a Wally I have learnt my lesson with this and taken a photo of the next alteration already!

So here we are at the prep-ing stage….


That was part one…. The seam ripping!


I have to say this was a very full skirt, it took near 2hours just to measure, cut & press…. I was glad to get to the stitching stage!


I was certainly glad to see the hem finished… At this stage u had to pop out to my local fabric shop. To get the right zip!


I got a really good match on the zip (the black cotton and interfacing are for the next alteration)


I got to use the zipper foot on my new sewing machine (I must blog about her later) I wish I hadn’t been so scared of zippers for so long! With the right tutorial and the right foot they are soo not that scary!


I finished the zipper off with a little hand stitching as I wanted to keep the dress the same as it had been constructed before, it was a hand made number!


This is a back view….


And a close up of the hem…..


And a close up of the zip…. I can’t seem to preview my photos so bear with me on quality! I’m hoping they are ok!


So there she is all done up! She will be off back home tomorrow! And I have the next alteration all prep-ed ready for me to work on later.

Well I feel I might be back peeps! Oh how u have missed blogging!

See you soon!



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