Lavender Drawer Scents a plenty!


Hello There


How is everyone today? It’s a overcast day again today… So no new photos to blog new projects. I have been sewing away at Lovely wee Lavender Drawer Scents.

I got the idea when I was thinking about birthday gifts for my mother in-law.






Here is set one.. They have been named “Divine Diamonds” I am a sucker for fine lace tape!






This is set two, and is named “Ivory Eye”






And here is Number three, She is named “Daisy Chain”.


And last but by no means least, My fave…..






This is “Girly Frill” This is my fave by far!


I made all these with linen from my stash, Buttons from my tin, the stuffing and lavender were all from the stash too! I bought some of the Lace Tape from Kaela, She has a fabby new shop with haberdashery to die for!! I mean look at the wee handmade trinkets **Squeek** I LOVE them!!


I have a few more of these in the pipe line, as I’ve opened a shop over on Etsy, It’s has no stock up yet BUT I am on a mission. Now that the boys are in school full-time, my sewing time just jumped up by 10 hours a week!!!  I’m Like a new woman, I have a new sense of accomplishment on all sections of my life…..


I’m not JUST a mummy… I am a content mummy with a sense of accomplishment!!




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