Pin-board Revamp!


Hello There,




I have been sewing away aimlessly for a while, waiting for the boys to get into school full time…. And yes it’s about to happen, both boys will be in till afternoon as of Monday. To say I am excited is a total understatement!! I have to add I love my boys BUT it will be great to stop thinking of sewing and actually getting some done!! 

Like every sewist, I have a list as long as my arm I want to be getting on with… Yes I’m taking about you!!!!!!!!!!! 😉 

Today, I managed to get a project done that’s been on the to do list for the last 3 weeks!!! I used some of my fabric stash for it too, it’s been in the drawers upstairs for ages.


Pin-Board Spruce up!




The Pin-Board is from Argos £7.99 and the fabric is from my stash…. 

You can pick up a pin-board (40 x 60) over at Hobby Crafts just now with 25% off!! (£4.99) 




So here it is…… What do you think? I know it’s not perfect BUT, I love it. I am now going to have order and I have shaved a little off that shameful stash of mines!! I plan on making some bunting with the left over fabric.


Have you been stash busting??

Do share!





If this coffee burst stays for a while, I might just get some of my squillion other posts up!! (Fingers crossed)



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