Simplicity 1621 so far…..




I’ve been busy with the house move, But it’s 3 weeks on and we’re settled. Just a few more boxes for the attic, and I can safely say this is the most organized I’ve ever been when moving house…. But I have had lots of practice, 7 years 7 houses!

My Granny Mattie says I have my Great Grannies Rankin blood in me for sure, Great Granddad Rankin used to say to the removing men “Don’t bother tacking the carpets, she won’t be staying long!”


Anyways after that wee ramble…. On to sewing!

I’ve been sewing away at Simplicity 1621 top, I am loving the colour Mrs.M has chosen. I love sewing for others, you get to use patterns and fabric you wouldn’t choose yourself. 

So here’s the story so far….



As much as I love this linen, and the colour F-A-B, it is a nightmare the stretch is hectic. Even when I was laying the pattern to cut, I had soooo many pins in it. I think if I worked with this fabric again I would hand baste throughout.



When I finished the Darts I figured it would be best to fix the end of the dart by hand rather than ripping the whole thing out again…




I reckon it looks grand now, (It was pointy before!)


So after the fitting AKA playing with buttons and beads whilst drinking coffee! I got to fitting the dress.. After altering the the vintage sheet muslin, I still had to drop a size in the sleeve, shoulder strap and armscye…..



Then the gape under the arm became apparent… This has now been sewn up. I’m ready to Overlock seams, add bias binding to the neckline and hem the bottom of the top/dress and the sleeves.







My overlocker is not playing ball…..




I have been fighting with is all day but alas, this is the best I seem to be able to get the tension… The edge just wont tighten up. I have left a tweet with Toyota hoping they have magic numbers for my tension!




There is a upside to all this tension gloom though….



I can soon use this lovely grosgrain ribbon to fancy up my projects…



I now have not 1…..




But 2 apprentices.


If you have any tips or want to shake some pom pom’s, then I’ll be happy for the advice of cheerleading squad!!






4 Replies to “Simplicity 1621 so far…..”

  1. I’m going to guess that is not a tension problem, I think it might be cutting width, you need to increase (?) it. Fab colour, hope you get the overlocker back out of the naughty corner 🙂


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