Vintage kimono mend….. AGAIN!!!!!

Hello There,

Last night I was fixing up a vintage kimono, I was given it by the lovely Kerrie from over at Charm & Laundry.(She is a fantastic designer of undergarments and a talented pattern cutter) This is the 3rd time it’s been mended! The first was when it first arrived, there were a few hems needing sewn up, Then I…. Yes ME put it through the washing machine! What a wally. Now this time the wide sleeve got caught in a door, and a few of the seams had come loose. It is a labour of of love… I feel Mr P is a little wreck-less! But it does deserve the time, and I do find it quite therapeutic. I nearly want to steal it back, I do love it!


This is the center back seam….


All sewn up…..


This is the sleeve….


All sewn up…..


This inside seam is pinned and ready to go, I shall keep you posted on my progress! It has a deadline, as Mr P is back on Saturday and I still have to make a belt tie too!

So do you like vintage? Do you do mends? I love a bit of make do and mend! That and the fact that no-one else will have this fab kimono makes it all the more special!



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