Sew Magazine’s childs skirt for Ellie & some exciting news to come!

Happy Sunday everyone!I’ve been catching up on lots of sewing this weekend, I managed to get this wee skirt finished. Ellie loves it, I’m going to applique the the tree and band to a plain while t-shirt so she can wear it as a outfit. The pattern came from sew magazine, they have a website with a list of free projects, I love this magazine every month I buy this and Burda Style. Burda style has a website that is full of inspiration and free patterns.. It’s well worth a look you can register for free and post all your projects in your online studio!

I added a little fakers crochet at the bottom, I reckon it looks well! That being said I do have to work on my zig-zag stitch. But practice makes perfect! I will defo be making a few of these wee skirts but I’ll be doing different applique.. Watch this space!!I have some exciting news on the crafty front but I have to wait to let you all in on it… I am so happy to have been contacted by a certain company to work with them, it is nice to be recognised in the crafty world!!

Watch this space!



17 thoughts on “Sew Magazine’s childs skirt for Ellie & some exciting news to come!

  1. Hi – lovely skirt – the lace makes a gorgeous hem. Thanks for sharing the Burda pattern link. I have been thinking of getting back into making clothes after spending years quilting.

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